HMS Diamond enters service

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by MoD_RSS, Jul 12, 2011.

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  2. good news.. now all we need her to do is be in two or three different places at the same time....
  3. She was in service when I left.:-D
  4. I was on her sister..... Duchess.......then we put a ball and chain on her and left her in the antipodes....
    have you still got your ball and chain Rummers ?
  5. I did some training on her predecessor when it was Harbour Training Ship.
  6. I come from South Australia, no bloody Poms there mate or the great unwashed as we called them.
    They came in droves mate we think they were searching for Bathrooms.:laughing2:
  7. would be nice to get 12 rather than 6 of these.
  8. Don't be greedy, and get back on the oars, no bastard promised engines.
    Don't you know we're in recession.
  9. The diamond is a joke! Couldn't even get out of Aberdeen harbour because of a bit of wind!!

    Best thing for it is to be sold on to a land locked country!!
  10. You are aware there are wind limits when a ship leaves the side? Diamond isn't the first to delay sailing because of it. The ramifications of ignoring those limits can be severe, a certain batch one 42 was lucky to get away with it when it was bounced off the front of a supertanker after losing it's tug in Ghana a few years back.
  11. Indeed I am! But it all stands the same the whole class is a joke!
  12. They do look fcuking awesome ships but I bet we could have got double the amount of Arleigh Burkes for the same price with Tomahawk thrown in as well Standard SM2 with extended range and bigger gun for NGS. Not convinced Sampson radar, Sea Viper and Astor 15 and 30 is a capable system and it will take years for it to become reliable and still fitted with a Medium range gun from the 70s.
  13. I would agree with you there, they do look the part, but once you've had your fourth total electrical failure in an hour it begins to gripe!

    We'd have definitely been better purchasing a proved system and unit. Sampson is the most sophisticated radar system in the world.... but only WHEN it working. Which isn't very often!

    Who designs a war ship with the French and Italians? Well clearly Labour government but personally i'd have stayed away from anything the cheese eating surrender monkeys would have put forward.

    I guess i could be wrong but 2 years of experience on one says i'm not
  14. You'll find that the 42s, 22s and 23s all had similar teething problems.
  15. With BAE entrusted to remedy them?
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  16. A bit early to slag the whole project off, but with the numbers actually built its going to be an uphill struggle for the class, 22s were such a success because they built more than 10 of em.
  17. Levers_Aligned

    Levers_Aligned War Hero Moderator

    Hmmm. Let me tell you what I know, and you tell me if I am wrong, eh?

    BAE are still scrawning round in the mud with this class, doing their best to provide a warship that is available for combat a certain number of days per year. Given this is the first British warship to carry a number of new technologies crammed into one hull, it's unsurprising there would be problems. My contacts tell me that despite a consistent effort to plan for and provide past all the usual contractor shortcomings, the ships companies on these ships are ... let's say ... not the best in coming forward with proactive solutions and the willpower to drive into the problems at hand, moreso they are 'BAE will fix it' in their attitudes. Anecdotal evidence says that this ranges right down to problems that would have been eaten up by yesteryear's 'traditional' matelot. There is no doubt that once this class is fully operational, it will be formidable as an air defence destroyer, and that isn't a naive statement when you take into account we said that about the venerable Type 42 pre Corporate and were caught badly with our kecks round our ankles. This is a destroyer which can punch it's weight and then some, and I was cynical about it until I learned what it can do. Older ships - I remember Type 42s suffering lifelong debilitation with 996, CPP, 2016 and much more ... Type 22 B1 were woefully and wrongly engineered in places and we won't even go there with the T23 - have suffered accordingly. In a stand up battle, they would be on the seabed in a short space of time. The 45 will prove otherwise.

    Jack needs to stop whining incessantly about his lot on these vessels and consider what the alternate is. Looking at comparisons - I'm sure it would be better to be serving on the RNs premier vessels and learning about tomorrow's naval technology than it would be slumming it in 3S mess on a T42. Sure, it's hard work, but big deal. What isn't these days? You want the cash ... dig out for it. The navy isn't that bad FFS. You work for ten and a half months per year (for 365 days pay) and in honesty, if you were to aggregate the amount of time you are genuinely sweatting your pods off digging out in a three year draft, I doubt you'd top eight whole weeks in total. The rest of the time it's just watchkeeping (for some) and 'filler'. Where else would you get that deal? Professional tourists.

    45s. Like it or not, they are the future and its either gonna be made to work or its gonna be painful for all. And as for BAE - which other yard would do better? Babcocks? Hah!

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