Discussion in 'The Fleet' started by Jimbo3188, Aug 28, 2006.

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  1. Hello,

    I'm trying to get hold of an electronic image of HMS DARING's ships badge.

    I run a youth group that has been affiliated to the ship, and we would like to add informtion about the ship to our website.

    All I have been able to find is an older design from a previous class.

    Any ideas who to ask? I know it exists as it was on the BAE website, but I can no longer find it.



  2. Try this

  3. Thanks for the fast reply!!!

    Thats the badge I had already found - its from an older class of ship, a destroyer?

    The current badge is in a circular frame.

    Any ideas???


  4. Try this

  5. Hi Peter,

    What am I trying?!!!

  6. FlagWagger

    FlagWagger Book Reviewer

  7. The shapes of Ships badges in early times were based on the ship type
    thats why the previous Daring had the shield --it was a destroyer

    at the moment it seems that all RN ships badges have been put into the rope circle with the RN crown above.
  8. FlagWagger

    FlagWagger Book Reviewer

    Is that cos the RN senior occifers seem never to know which way to turn, or is it that if the badge is circular our ships can never be backed into a corner?

  9. I was trying to give the link that Flagwagger also gave, but I obviously cocked it up.


    Must try harder.
  10. You could try the Admiralty Librarian at the Naval Historical Branch, HMNB Portsmouth. As Secretary of the Ships' Names and Badges Committee, she should have access to the correct badge, possibly electronically.
  11. I thought that the type 45 is a destroyer... 8O
  12. Just like the Carriers are 'Through Deck Cruisers'

    Perhaps like the Carriers we are not allowed new Cruisers/Battleships, What's in a name!

    The size of the Darings is Cruiser anyway.
  13. These things change over time though. The word "destroyer" comes from the small but fast WW2 "MTB destroyer" - the FF/DD ASW/AAW split wasn't decided until the late 1950s. Your're right, the T45 is "Cruiser" size, but the B3T22 could easily be called a "Light Cruiser", the River OPV is clearly a Corvette (almost the same GRT as a T21!) and the CVS has not been called a Through Deck Cruiser since the early 1980s.

    Basically, ships are whatever the navy in question calls them - and the USN (and USCG), RNLN, FN and FGN all have completely different definitions for their class titles. The reason the T45 is called a destroyer is that we had to convince the Treasury to pay for 12 T42 replacements. If we called it a cruiser (as per the USN), then Gordon would have called it a TIGER and BLAKE replacement and only let us have 2. As opposed to the ... er ... 3 we have on order. Hang on a second...
  14. MOD love their play with words don't they?

    Weren't the GMDs (Kent, London, Devonshire etc) of the 70/80s, cruisers as such, but we could not call them that (something about not having a war :? or some other misinfo) hence the title of Guided Missle Destoryers before they went colony on us and called them DLGs ?
  15. I have just uploaded a copy of the HMS Daring badge in the badges folder
    Should show soon
  16. Will this do for you?


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