HMS Daring stars in Middle East naval showcase

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by MoD_RSS, Apr 13, 2012.

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  2. HMS Daring, massivelly late, massivelly overbudget, a showcase for the Royal Navy and British Industry?? Biggest white elephant of british Industry and the Royal Navy (IMHO) Shows hows just how much UK tax payers can be ripped off by certain British Industries!! :)
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    White elephant, really? Do you know what you are talking about or is that what the Mail told you.
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  4. Having taken her out of build, yes I do! Very shoddily built and is still to this day having major issues
  5. Shhhh!! Nothing changes but we aren't supposed to admit it.

    Talking to a chap whilst on mechs course who was up in Scotland taking a 23 out of build. Thinking they would be proud of what they had built, he spoke to a dockie and said is it good? Dockie shook his head and said that the 23s nickname of Skoda class was apt..IIRC, 23s were £50 million each compared to the Batch III 22s at £200\250 million.
  6. Speaking to the Dockies in Guzz when we docked down on a Newcastle Built 23 they were amazed at the difference in the quality of finish and how Glasgow had got away with *&%$ quality. Closed the wrong yard but yet again politics came before common sense.
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  7. Having been on the build of Fort George in Swan Hunters, there were 3 type 23's there in various stages of build, and Rab C is right, the Geordie ships were of a better quality, the Fort Vic built in Belfast, was and still is very poor compared to the George, even down to the fiitings, George had stainless steel, the Vic has plastic pipework, how they got away with it beggers belief, watertight doors on George were also better quality and all the valves were fitted the right way round. even to this day everyone i sail with say the George was better to sail on but they still scrapped her and kept the Vic!!

    the George was commissioned a day after the Vic, as we and the yard had to wait for Belfast to finish, couldn't have the flagship being commissioned after the second of class.

    it was quite sad watching the workers getting their P45's as each ship was completed

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