HMS Daring, just so happened to be in the Southeast Asian region

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by tomcat24, Nov 11, 2013.

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  1. Purple_twiglet

    Purple_twiglet War Hero Moderator

    Tomcat - you are seriously starting to get on my nerves now. You are an irritating, clueless and patronising little idiot who is trying to make light of the deaths of tens of thousands of people and link it to the RN.

    Just give it a rest will you?
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  2. I think you'll find Tomcat, that all pusser's grey things regularly carry out distex's for just this very reason.
  3. Everybody loves a good distex.
  4. Since when was I heartless. It was great that they planned the Pacific deployment. And unlike many of you. I support DFID and Official Development assistance.
  5. I think it was the title of the thread and the way in which you worded your post; sounded like you were a bit against it. As in- oh what a coincidence they are in the area, jeez they are making it go and assist as well. The perils of the written word and how it can be interpreted.

    Good luck to all onboard, hard to comprehend the devestation caused.
  6. Re DISTEX, I don't think a couple of days playing at Portland (last time I did it!) will quite prepare the lad and laddesses for the sights they are about to encounter.

    Re DARING, I hope the bits my team designed work as planned!!
  7. S-B, they use actors and actresses (including amputee's) for added realism these days, still won't be the same as the real thing but there's only so much you can simulate.
  8. Thanks for that Wrecks. As you'll probably remember, it was the Ship's Co from other ships doing work-up (now BOST/COST etc) that used to play the villagers, baddies, tribesmen whatever. I remember being 'locked up' and our Joss (yep, the Joss!) instigated us ripping down woodwork to start a fire in the 'prison'! Happy days!!
  9. As a Pt 4 back in the day we did one at Culdrose, we were spread all over Predannack airfield and the medics were sent to find us. Once found we were put in the back of a Wessex and flown back to CU. First time I had ever flown :)

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  10. USN on the way...

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  11. I was once QRF in the area, seems some YOI escapees made their way into the distex site and encountered the security, being composed mostly of Booties they gave them the full treatment. We were called to pick them up, never seen one of the yoof so pleased to be headed back to chokey in a pussers sherpa.
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  12. Watching the BBC news this evening.... a reporter on site....people queuing for food....
    reporter...'what are you queing for?'
    two kids....'food'
    reporter....'are you hungry ?'
    .......................fcukwit !!!
  13. Levers_Aligned

    Levers_Aligned War Hero Moderator

    Difficult to gauge Tomcat's tempo here, but if there's some sort of inference that political capital is being made at the expense of the Royal Navy, then I'd say 'bollocks, Tomcat'.

    Daring has just emerged from a Maintenance Period alongside in Singapore and was, until recently, taking part in the routine Five Point Defence exercises that usually take place in the region where there is a RN ship in theatre. I believe it would highlight this nation of ours as pretty impotent if we couldn't dispatch one of our key assets to assist in a disaster of a magnitude not seen for many years. In a nutshell, it's what the mob does, and has done (numerous Counties, 42s, 22s 23s and smaller vessels, including refugees from war zones in the Med and the Icelandic volcano) for countless years. She will do this country a great service in lending a much needed hand to some pretty stateless individuals who will doubtlessly be overwhelmed with gratitude when they see her arrive. Okay - they won't save the planet, but every little helps.

    To infer there is anything else at work here but some fortunate placement at a time of need is a bit brainless.

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  14. Quiet a few senior service ratings not amused with the Skipper of HMS Daring , on FB. With the use of 'I'. Can do this and that:confused2: in the TV interview.
  16. One thing that always gets me with these disasters, they always show the presenter in wreckage saying how communications is down, no-one can get here etc etc. How did the camera crew get in and manage to transmit the pictures then, and why didn't the television crew either bring in supplies or give their helicopter to a medical team etc. If ITN/CNN/BBC can get in, why can't the aid teams or am I missing something?
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