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HMS Daring into Pompey - phots


A few phots from yesterday. Looks "boxy but good" as the old fake Volvo advert goes...

Moored in the Solent... she disappeared from view completely shortly after this was taken.

Ex-crew members from HMS Daring D05 were on the Round Tower to welcome the new boy - the chap on the right was the skipper on the previous Daring's last commission (he was Lt Cdr David Pentreath and took over from the captain when he fell ill):

Selection of shots of her coming into harbour...

...and literally seconds later she was swallowed up by the mist which rolled in right behind her and completely obscured the harbour. Perfect timing!

10 minutes later the RAF did a flypast outside the harbour entrance which just about nobody saw. Certainly couldn't have seen it from where Daring was alongside!
Nice pictures Damien and almost identical to mine, sad spotter that I am. I must have been standing quite near to you on the Round Tower and went to the Still & West afterwards to dry out (at least externally).

You were nearly right with the name but it was actually David Pentreath. I remember seeing his contact details on many DNOA(X) recruiting advertisements some years later. Captain David Pentreath DSO RN, as he became, was also the CO of HMS Plymouth during the Falkands conflict. Some interesting facts about him here.


War Hero
Flippin heck its massive! It's so irritating that these displace almost as much as an Arleigh Burke, yet have bugger all in the form of weaponry, really. One gun and some anti-aircraft missles. Has it even been given Phalanx/Goalkeeper yet?


War Hero
Great pics. Certainly looks impressive.
I missed the TV news coverage yesterday, so thanks for posting.


War Hero
Gombear said:
Great pics. Certainly looks impressive.
I missed the TV news coverage yesterday, so thanks for posting.

I'm sure she's impressive but not what you'd call attractive.... :( Nice pics though.
Gombear said:
Great pics. Certainly looks impressive.
I missed the TV news coverage yesterday, so thanks for posting.
i was supposed to go down to pompey and see it come in as my felle is onborad unfortunatly i was ill


War Hero
As long as it's operational not decorational it can be as ugly as it wants but it has to be operational lol


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tommo said:
As long as it's operational not decorational it can be as ugly as it wants but it has to be operational lol

Why does it have to be ugly? Just because the design team had a bad day.... It can be functional and attractive...and I'm not suggesting its painted pink before one of you says it. :roll:


War Hero
Why does it have to be pleasant on the eye?? I'm sure if it was involved in warfare and enemy blokey is going to go awwww bless it's so cute lol


Lantern Swinger
Does the Merlin on Her mean that the Darings are getting Merlins, or is it just a case of whatever is needed at the time between Lynx and Merlin?
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