Discussion in 'Bases / Shore Est' started by cornishgolfer, Mar 12, 2008.

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  1. Many many of us Wafus have been either based, trained or visited Daedalus over the years......

    It was a wonderful camp, I enjoyed my time there as a sprog, doing courses, Killicks, PO's, Tiffs and Mechs.

    Natiu, Natec, Masu and their earlier versions. Search n rescue, Hovercraft etc etc.

    It was a huge and diverse Station...........sadly it is now closed and has been since 1996. The whole eastern end from the PO"s mess east has been demolished........WO & CPO's mess and wardroom survives as do all the hangars.
  2. Daedalus I hated the place, typical training establishment.
    Duties were invented just to ensure that the duty watch was kept busy.
    Divisions every week.
    Away from Portsmouth so had to bus it then Gosport ferry to go to Grab a Granny.
    Was always pleased when my course was completed and I could escape, worse than Colditze.
  3. Dauntless now that WAS a training establishment.
  4. I had to live in a deserted Daedelus in early '94 while Invincible was in dock (I was on Invincible at the time). Got to know the local curry house so well I could ask for "the usual" when going in. Test drove my first car on the airstrip there too!
  5. I spent three years there until it closed and had a great time.

    Lunch in the summer along the front, long DTS's in the Bun Penny, great people to work with, nights out in the Bellevue .... only a 20 minute bike ride from Gosport.

    We obviously experienced two completely different aspects of it. Great shame they closed it.

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  6. SF i cant agree more - loved my tiffs course, now working at Sultan and ho wglad am i that i dont have to do it here.
  7. Went through Daedalus in '90 as a basic. Loved it.

    They put our course in the transit mess in Frobisher block. It was so bad, they never gave us rounds..! Which as basics,we loved! Mind you, experienced a few scary and unexplainable nights in there..!!!

    Went back in '95 for Field Gun, place was busy as i recall, with courses. Had to endure their pisstaking as we ran to the control tower with sandbags, when we fcuked up!!

    Sad to hear that some of the old place has been demolished.


  8. errrrrrrrrrrrrrrm NO Oslo, it closed in 1996! And was fully fuctional til then with Tiffs/Babies etc etc
  9. Test drove my first car on the airstrip there too![/quote]

    errrrrrrrrrrrrrrm NO Oslo, it closed in 1996! And was fully fuctional til then with Tiffs/Babies etc etc[/quote]

    when i was there 92-94 one of the PO's on course went to table for speeding round the perry track - when asked for his defence he replied

    at the end of the runways theer is a sign that says


    skipper was U N H A P P Y
  10. That was the only time I was away from there from 1987 til it closed!
  11. Great place, initial wafu training, then back few years later to work on ships company side of basic training and field gun, back later for LH, PO's courses etc. ended my days working in NATIU. Yes it was miles from Pompy, but so was Collingrad. Still we had the sea front to run along and some totty in the summer. Seafield park in the summer for cricket matches etc and a few decent pubs.
  12. Was stationed there for mechs when it was Aerial, Soor the First under 4 min run of the crew at the lunch time run the fgo ran all the way to the wardroom to let them know
  13. I also got thrown into a static water tank as a OD in 54 for laughing at the Gun crew carrying there telegraph poles
  14. remember all the FAA gun crew/ getting bollocked for shouting F**y F**y F**y AYE AYE AYE when passing the wrens quarters on a training run /but it never stopped them singing it!!!
  15. wave_dodger

    wave_dodger War Hero Book Reviewer

    My first posting (92-95) loved every minute of it. Great people, lots of characters, Brickwoods, Rugby, The Indian Cottage on the Front, The Bellview (GAG night :pukel: ), Swordfish, Bun Penny..

    Problem was I assumed every Navy Base would be like that, boy did I have a shock.
  16. Well good for you matey.

    I was also there many many years and liked it too!
  17. I loved it there too. Baby Tiff in 85, all the way through Tiffs course living in Keppel block. Loads of fanny. Far enough away from pompey to pretend you weren't in the Grey Navy. Did plenty of courses down there until it shut. It was the only air station that i've come across that you could walk to the pub from and stagger back having had a "Bunters" burger.
    I went back in the late 90's, didn't know it had all shut and Daedalus was at Sultan. Got waived through the gate by the loan civvy (I was in Windows '95 and driving a an MK (4 ton 4x4 truck to the un-knowing)). had a good mooch around the place as it was deserted. Broke my heart. Wardroom was a mess, grass growing everywhere, all the windows smashed in the PO's mess, Eagle club all boarded up. Like some disaster movie. It was horrible.
    And then on my 3 miler on POLC in 2000, I found out some bastard had demolished the Skippers House to make way for a Shit Hole!!
  18. I was at Daedalus the other day for a gliding lesson - met a few RN bods there too. I don't know much of the history but it sounded like a nice place to be.
  19. Chris. Was only nice if you were Staff at the AES or ships company
  20. Got to agree with most here, possibly the best draft(s) I had were at Daedalus. There '90 through '95. Loved the place and the people, is a shame the rest of my Naval career has not lived up to such a great start.

    Bun Penny, Swordfish, Indian Cottage, BBC(!!), Bellview, Brickwoods and Fieldgun. Fantastic memories.

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