Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by trelawney126, Feb 22, 2011.

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  2. Western administrations were happy enough before all this kicked off, they gave no thought for the abuse of human rights that took place in these Arab states as long as they were dancing to our tune, hypocrites, the lot of them.

    Our warships need to be very careful as mad dog Muammar could well order his MiG pilots to do something stupid.
  3. Western administrations on the whole are happy with the status quo as at least they are to degree predictable.If we have learnt nothing else from the Iraq debacle it should be to leave well alone and let things take their natural course.No-one is prepared to forecast what kind of government will replace the tumbling dictatorships but it won't necessarily be better for the nations involved or for world peace.
  4. Watch out Finks :p look what happened to Clarke when his soapbox had had enough of him :p (Just kidding buddy)

    Seriously though, it is very plausable that some form of action could occur and our lads and lasses might have to defend themselves as the situation in the Middle East is shakey. Although the Libyan Air Force doesnt seem willing to do what Gaddaffi is ordering of late, some even fancy a Maltese holiday. Worrying indeed, since Hague et al wouldnt have the balls or the international clout to protest much.
  5. Ever heard the phrase.... let sleeping dogs lie.......nothing hypocritical about that.... common dog fcuk.
    Concerned about arab human rights...........join Amnesty International.... just as barking as Muammer.
  6. The RN facebook feed has just posted a video of Cumberland resupplying in Crete enroute to Benghazi. It appears the extra booties have their instruments with them...
  7. Yes. 'Booties'. just regular booties.
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  10. Both? I'm sure it wouldn't be the first time OPSEC has been violated on purpose
  11. Septic boarding Cumderland said he never thought he would state that he was happy to see the Union jack.
  12. Was it just me or did the Skipper have a Scouse accent? Standards must be slipping...... :-D
  13. We get everywhere
  14. Septic ****** should have been reminded of how the septics and Brits have worked alongside (pun) eachother for feckin yonks.

    ungratefull c*nt....
  15. All the Skippers I knew all had Home Counties accents, what next a Geordie skipper? :laughing2:
  16. Just imagining a deep scouse captain addressing the crew over the tanny now. lol
  17. Bloody hope not. Degenerates
  18. He was my DO and the PWO(C) on the Cov 12 years ago, top top guy.

    And yes he is a scouser (a blue nose!), most amusing pipes from the ops room.
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  19. York has no been tasked off too according to the news
  20. No worries it will all get sorted out as our great leader David William Donald Cameron is now back in the country after his visit to the Middle East where he was accompanied by arms dealers.

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