HMS Cumberland - Fighting Sausage

'Fraid not and am not in touch with anyone anymore.
Err, I'm not helping am I? :)

Try "Jimmy_Green" on here, he may be able to help being a fellow Snorker
What dept are you? Me, ex Greenie (pinky), actually Ex-Golly too
I was on board when we she was converted for spl....females and that bl00dy wall in front of the Toad Array worm thingy down at the blunt end.
ex Pinky myself, but saw the dark side and did Tifs course. Now work (occasionally) in the warbly office that is Surveillance. But generally found on ext 308.
I went Dark Side too after only 3 and a half years (steamed bits or what?) as a WE only to get offered redundancy on completion of the course. Well, it would have been rude not to take up the offer.

I take it that the little submarine indicator box outside the 2031 SDR and the threat indicator box used at Action Stations in the in the 1L (?) Greenie office are no longer used? Two projects that the WEO gave me ... grumble .... everyone else in bed, me still turning three ...
Nope not there mate, like everything else in our world, another pointless task delegated by a bored engineering officer with nothing to do.

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