HMS Coventry.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by onions, May 25, 2007.

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  1. Also in the Pompey News was an article covering the loss of HMS Coventry. Today is the 25th anniversary of that very sad event. Although I only spent three months onboard, during Global 80, she was a fine ship, with a brilliant ships company.

    I will raise a glass later to her and the nineteen crew who died that day.

    RIP lads.

    Semper Strenuissima.
  2. And I too will raise a glass in I did yesterday for the Antelope, another of my "sister" ships to die..

    RIP guys..
  3. Bit embarrassing to say this, but I can well remember as an eleven year old kid taking myself off to my bedroom with my dads newspaper and shedding a tear.

    Sleep well lads, never forgotten.
  4. Now i've gone and got myself all upset again.
    Must be the PTSD kicking in :(
  5. I run the HMS Coventry website -
    the 2007 Coventry Reunion is currently underway, but for anybody who hasn't yet heard about it, here's the gen:

    The 2007 Coventry Reunion will take place on the Weekend 25/27 May, and will follow the same format as in previous years. We meet to remember our friends no longer with us, and a very happy ship. The meetings are very informal, taking place in the Home Club on Friday evening, Saturday afternoon and Saturday evening. Please show up to any or all as you wish. On the evenings, we will try to get out into the town, for a run ashore in some of the old haunts - so please be in the Home club for 20:00 (ish). Saturday afternoon, people will be in the Home Club from 13:00. Families and friends welcome.

    On Sunday 27 May, we will meet at the Falkland Islands War Memorial in Old Portsmouth to lay a wreath, and hold a two minute silence for our fallen comrades, prior to retiring to the Still and West.
  6. To all those from the Mighty Cov, who I spent my 19th birthday with in the waters of the South Atlantic, I salute you. And to those who didn't come back............I will always hold you in my memory.
  7. Levers_Aligned

    Levers_Aligned War Hero Moderator

    Does 'Swampy' Marsh keep in touch?

  8. Just wanted to say that the Crew of HMS Edinburgh have restored the Memorial Cross to HMS Coventry and it is featured on the front page of Penguin News (The Falkland Islands Paper ) this week,

    My son has forwarded the file to me but I cant get it to paste onto here !!
  9. I was a sea cadet (TS Coventry) during the Falklands War. We attended the memorial service at the Coventry Cathedral. The survivors still had fresh burns on their hands and faces.
    All we could do was stare at them as they stared back. We were very proud of them and still are.
  10. I would very much like to get in touch with Sam McFarlane who served on the Coventry and was featured in the recent programme.
    If anyone can help please pm me.
    I served with Sam at HMS Wildfire in Chatham , but we lost touch.

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