HMS Coventry MV Atlantic Conveyor today 1982

I don't know why I feel so melancholy today 34 years??? such a long time ago but not a significant number ie 25 or 50th anniversary, maybe more of us are dropping off the plot few if any that never experienced the horrors of real modern warfare can understand the bonding between those of us who have.
I learnt the other day of another colleague (a legend in his day) is terminally ill.
We all leave behind a legacy I suppose, I went on to do many other things after all at 24 you are resilient and life has so many other surprises most of us are forgotten now but the memories of those who never came back become more precious and poignant as each passing year sees more cross the bar.

Remembered brothers and for me never forgotten
Quite sad really I was 24 when the shit hit the fan in 82 cod war warriors and all that, however, it was a defining moment in time as to who we were and how we were defined as a nation. We gave back the pride that was lacking and rekindled, the belief that we really could still kick arse.
Now it barely merits a response from RR as if it didn't happen, I went on to do 3 Armilla patrols, Gulf 1 & 2 and Bosnia, I retired in 2007 and the RN was in crisis because sailors from HMS Cornwall had there IPhones confiscated by the Iranian National Guard, and we have done fcuk all as a fighting force except on paper since 82.
Crack on guys legends all of you.
Please take the piss if you like but many of us are not going to be around much longer(thank fcuk I hear you say) but we did it and please ask yourselves could we - I hope its yes, but in my heart given the current management and that cnut Zambellas I really doubt it. HMS Argyll 1998.
Scribbled after a few wets.
Apologies guys

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