Discussion in 'History' started by lsadirty, Nov 1, 2008.

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  1. Quick heads up, National Geographic Channel (SKY 526, Virgin 230) is showing "Falklands -Sea of Fire" about the sinking of COVENTRY Sunday 2100,, repeated Monday 1300 and 1900.
  2. Very moving that.
  3. its on youtube (or at least was). The link was from a thread on here somewhere.
  4. Your reminder prompted me to watch the video that I have kept since the first broadcast. Stayed up later than I intended, but, this close to Remembrance day I thought it was pertinent, and it still moved me as much as it did on the first occasion that I watched it.
    I still have a full glass, Here's to absent friends, lost oppos, and those who would have been included in the above had we known them.

  5. I watched it on you tube,i thought it was as real as it gets,but as it is close to remembrance sunday its a fitting tribute to all our guys who gave there lives in those bleak Islands,and to all the guys still sufferring
  6. I met up with an 'oppo' who was at his action station in the computer room on 4 deck? (sorry as an ex submariner on submarines with only one deck I'm not sure what deck the computer room was on!) when she was bombed.
    He was walking thru the dockyard went we met in a pair of Nos eights at least one size to big for him saying that this was the only piece of pussers kit he owned which wasn't his but given to him when he was picked up out of the sea after he escaped thru the hole in the side of the ship the bomb went thru. He said he heard this god awful noise managed to open the computer room door only to be confronted by a wall of water he said "this looks serious" better get out of here!! He managed to find the hole in the ship as all the ladders had been knocked out and escaped.
  7. well whether poeple crawled out of holes i cant give an opion on as i was not there, i know it happened on the Ardent, my experience was three hours later with the ATLANTIC cONVEYOR , i had tears rolling down my eyes ,as many of Alacritys crew , we would have recued Coventry we where to busy rescuing the Conveyor crew and trying to save our selvse. but we do and will remember them, it still hurts but im remebrance to them Brave giuys
  8. Just watched my first viewing... Great stuff!!
  9. I served the first commission on HMS Birmingham, same batch as HMS Coventry. The computer room was on 3 deck. As far as I remember it didn't have a"door". It had two hatches from 2 deck with a ladder under each. One from the starboard passage and one in to the aft port corner of the Ops Room.

    According to the MOD Board of Enquiry (which is in the public domain now) and the Commanding Officers book, 'Four Weeks in May' all the computer room crew lost their lives.
  10. I think you're getting confused with Sheffield. The Computer room crew came in for some very well deserved BZs in the official report for their efforts to get the command system back up and running. It cost them their lives as the majority succumbed to smoke inhilation.

    Lest we foget!

    An old chief from my time on the Exeter was at action stations in Coventry's stokers control room (sorry I forget the official room title) and he tells of a bomb coming straight down the funnel and taking his oppo (sat a couple of feet away) into the engine room below. Hideous

    Tip your wrist to these guys on rememberance Sunday
  11. Levers_Aligned

    Levers_Aligned War Hero Moderator

    The bombs that hit Coventry:

    One went in through 2 deck level downwards into the Conversion Machinery Room, below the Computer Room. It exploded, taking out all the ship's converted supplies. No matter what effeorts were put in, the command system was lost from that moment. It also opened out a massive hole into which poured hundreds of tons of seawater, which also flooded adjacent sections via shrapnel holes. The second and third bombs went in by the OUTs grot and one ended up down the Olympus Intakes, eventually destroying the Fwd Engine Room. One other bomb is believed tyo have ended up in the Forward Engine Room and partially collapsed the aft bulkhead, causing a lot of knock on hull failures and 'free communication with the sea' (as we used to call it). The ship very quickly lost it's reserve of stability, exacerbated by it turning and rolling.

    Everyone in the Computer Room died on Coventry. The Conversion Machinery Room is the unluckiest compartment in Type 42s, with dockies killed in Glasgow in build, Coventry's problem and Nottinghams being flooded through a split in the side in the adjacent Fresh Water Pump Space. It's also frequently blooped by careless stokers.

  12. I watched this programe today, very, very moving, words could not do it justice, as far as I'm concerned. Now more then ever I want to get through and be part of the greatest organization in the world!!
  13. Were you on Coventry levers aligned?
  14. Can anyone tell me where I can get a copy on DVD?
  15. OK so my buddy was telling me a dit and is really dead!!
    Sorry Brum you are now dead!
    Why would he make that story up?
  16. FlagWagger

    FlagWagger Book Reviewer

    There was a copy of the programme on UKNova a while back which I downloaded at the time and which may still be sitting on my hard-drive at home. PM me if you want to discuss further!
  17. FlagWagger

    FlagWagger Book Reviewer

    Maybe he was lucky enough not to be in the computer room at the time of the attack:

  18. Levers_Aligned

    Levers_Aligned War Hero Moderator

    Maybe he was lucky enough not to be in the computer room at the time of the attack:


    Indeed. To answer earlier questions, no, I wasn't on Coventry, but being as I was in the mob when all of this happened, ships and jobs I went to afterwards were populated by Coventry survivors who relayed their experience to me, first hand. I was also on mv Stena Inspector post war, and her sister ship, Stena Seaspread carried out saturation diving to rcover much of the classified and valuable equipment from the wreck. The divers relayed the extent of the damage to us on the Inspector. Coupled with that, I have had jobs that have been heavily involved with Type 42 systems, machinery, survivability and NBCD organisation. Much of Coventry's lessons were greatly highlighted in the content of these jobs. And not long ago I attended a superb lecture given by MEO of Coventry which detailed the attack.

  19. And?
    As I said I am an ex submariner and in 82 I was in the dockyard when I met my skimmer chum.
    I had and still have no idea of the layout of a type 42 destroyer but bow to your superior knowledge.
    So what would a CE mechanician be doing on 3 deck at action stations? Because thats were he was. He mentioned, as I said, the computer room and why would I make it up cos as I said I had no idea that Coventry had a computer room least of all knew where it was.
    So if any one on the Coventry knew the survivors from that area of the ship I would appreciate and accept your take on events.

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