HMS COVENTRY 1982 Lost medal

Just had agreat weekend with a very good mate of mine from my HMS Manchester days in 84, he left the pusser in 1988 and is doing rather well for himself with a good job in the city. After a few wets remembering old times he told me he had lost his South Atlantic medal he got from his service in HMS Coventry in 1982 when she was sunk on 25 May. Is there any way he can track it down if it has been found and sold through auction??? it obviously worth a few bob and although he was never as pusser as me time has mellowed him a little and I think he would rather like to regain possesion of it so any advice would be gratefully received.
Difficult one that but won't the medals chap at Excellent issue a new one?
He was really helpful when I lost my veterans bagde.
Just a thought.
Cheers guys but a replacement isn't the same, mine means so much to me. his name and service number are obviously on the side I would love to track it down and surprise him with it
I suppose you could try ebay from time to time. If you look up in "titles & descriptions" entering his name/number you may be lucky. I wish I could think of a better idea. Perhaps SAMA could help, they do get offers of medals from time to time.
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