HMS Cornwall rescues hostages from pirates

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by MoD_RSS, Feb 16, 2011.

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  2. Well,

    There's one right in the eye of the detractors. BZ the fighting ice cream cone.
  3. Pity pussers PR machine hasn't got it all over the media, one tosser with an iPod puts them into overdrive though.
  4. There is a tiny piece on BBC news at the moment =BBC News - HMS Cornwall rescues hostages from pirates

    As for the bit on the mod website. how did they manage to find the ugliest stoker in RN history to advertise their jackspeak section? What a rats chimp:

  5. It was on BBC news this evening, lets see if it makes the red tops in the morning, unless Cheryl does something daft.
  6. Big bit on Sky News too...
  7. Alas few Sun readers actually read it for the many of them can actually read?

    Good opportunity for the RN PR Machine this story though
  8. Consider my neck fully wound in.
  9. Yes, Wrecker, and perhaps you'd better keep it in.

    <<....British battleship HMS Cornwall......>> from the 'glorious' Sun

    For how are us submariners supposed to know all about battleships anyway? :wink:
  10. Hmmm, accurate reporting by The Scum there. They seem to have a habit of it
  11. Battleship/Warship.... it's all the same to Sun readers.............just don't call it an Aircraft Carrier.... the Gubbermint might think they've missed one.
  12. Only when they pass us on the way down
  13. Shock Horror! The RN is actually doing their job for once!
    So they have captured some Somali Pirates? Big Whoop, they are on an anti-piracy patrol. The fact it is the same ship that did NOTHING when the crew of one of its boats rolled over and took it ***********, embarrassing the whole nation in the process, counts for nothing. And for some reason you lot think this is worthy of making the front pages of the national press and actually think we should all sit up and give HMS Cornwall a round of applause?

    A small bulletin to let the tax payers know they are getting a return on what is being spent on the navy is one thing but anything more is over the top. It hardly made the news back in the day when the navy were doing a good job catching IIs trying to get into Hong Kong or enforcing the oil blockade on the Biera patrols and with good reason – they were doing the job they were sent out to do.

    BUT, British service men and women, and I use that term loosely, acted like sniveling blubbing little weeds because they have had their I-pods confiscated IS newsworthy. The Navy doing the job they are supposed to do isn’t.
  14. Throbbing Cnut
  15. Dont knock what is a good bit of work by a hard working crew.

    Ps- Hows being back in blue going Tommo mate?
  16. Don't feed the troll...
  17. Yes, that thought occured seconds after I posted.
  18. ...not even a little bit...?
  19. Job well done by the RMBT.

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