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HMS Cornwall - Messages of Support.


War Hero
Dear all,

Please leave messages of support and encouragement in this thread only.

Please refrain from commentary on the incident itself, do not name any individual detainees in your messages.

Members of the Ship's company , colleagues , friends and family will likely see this. Let's make sure they know that the detainees are in our thoughts and prayers.

God speed and safe home.

We are thinking about both you and your relatives at this difficult time. We await a satisfactory resolution of this incident and look forward to your return which we hope will be soon.



War Hero
Mrs Mango and I would like to add our wishes for a swift and safe return to all the lads and the lass that find themselves in this unenviable situation.

The PO Stoker and I would like to echo all of the above sentiments, we are thinking of you all and wishing for your safe return.


Lantern Swinger
Wishing you all a safe return and a swift resolution to this issue.

We're behind you all the whole way.


Lantern Swinger
Having friends on board conwall and not knowing the names of whos taken is a bit worriying.
Bit heres wishing a speedy resolution to this and my thoughts go out to all the family and personell involved!


As a former Boarding Officer in Cornwall, my thoughts are with all the lads and lasses illegally detained by the Iranians last week. No doubt the Iranians will see sense soon, but in the mean time keep 'yer chin up shipmates.


hoping for a speedy return , we in the fleet are 100% behind you all . god speed (message to fleet : lets go and get our oppos back)


War Hero
I enjoyed my time sea riding your ship last year and I really hope your ships company members are returned safe and well very soon.

Thinking of you all.


Lantern Swinger
May they all be returned safely very soon. My thoughts and prayers are with their families, friends and shipmates in these worrying times.

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