HMS Cornwall 15.. who'll be 1st to have pet named after them

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by Always_a_Civvy, Apr 6, 2007.

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  1. Rosie, I suggest that you should name your next pussy Arthur.... :wink:

    I might call mine Chris as Felix is a bit obvious for a cat....... :D
  2. as already stated

    who's going to be the first on richard and judy

    and out of the boys

    who's the first to bed a z list wantabe pop star or caprice?
  3. Ahem, I didn't think there was anybody who hadn't had Caprice :eek:
  4. Don't be so wet Always, I have a mafiosi del gatti - Arthur just would not sit right next to Alfredo, Vincenzo and Fabrizio.

    Although seeing him at the press conference, I wanted to give him a big cuddle, he looked so bemused!
  5. He did indeed. Completely out of his depth. It looks like your next pussy will have to be called Artherio then, or whatever the Italian equivalent is. What I want to know is why did none of the 15 have face fungus. I mean, sailors without furry faces, what's the Andrew coming to! :eek: :wink:
  6. Re: HMS Cornwall 15.. who'll be 1st to have pet named after

    i just can't wait to hear in jesters "you remember those lads that got took hostage in iran, i was one of them", just like the 25 ships pilots you have on a 23 when on a foreign run!
  7. That would be Arturo then.

    However, should the PO Stoker ever let me have No 4 cat it will be called Napoleone or Casimiro.
  8. Re: HMS Cornwall 15.. who'll be 1st to have pet named after

    'er indoors has a cat that actually belongs to my daughter. It was a Faslane Base wild cat and it glows in the dark and has 6 paws so she calls it --- Molly :)

    geoff(ers) :?
  9. Topsy has been a pet's name for yonks! You all remember Bimbo and Topsy?

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