HMS Consort (Tamar Pt2) 1955-1957

Discussion in 'The Fleet' started by Norrette, Dec 22, 2013.

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  1. Hi all, newbie here

    I have just been researching my father's service record. I'm trying to work out if he would have sailed with the Consort during the above dates or if he would have been permanently based in HK? There are dittos alongside each entry but I noted he was in HMS Terror for a spell in June '56

    His name was Basil (Bill) Moore by the way
  2. Why not contact the Association, some of the old boys would possibly know of him...History - HMS CONSORT ASSOCIATION. Ps you might have contacted them already???...just an idea
  3. Cheers for this Scouse, I had a look at their site yesterday - there doesn't seem to be a forum - but I guess I could contact one of the owners.
  4. I was in HMS Tamar's Pay Office 1956-57. HMS Consort's pay accounts were held in Tamar. Consort was part of the Far East Fleet using Hong Kong as her base port.
  5. Thanks for replying 'old fart'. Would love to take a peek at them - but tooooo late I fear :)

    Scouse, thanks for the other website - I've asked for a posting to be put up. Had a lovely chat today with Terry of the HMS Consort Association - I may yet go to the reunion next March.


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