HMS Conqueror

Discussion in 'Submariners' started by spearfish, Apr 30, 2007.

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  1. We were sworn to secrecy after our sneakeys upon penalty of flogging and hanging etc,funny how people are allowed to talk about it now.What happened to the official secrets act?Does it no longer count.
    My oppo who was in the SAS refused to tell his stories as it means more to him being in the ex SAS association than making a few bucks.Strange world we live in now.
  2. There is an interesting comment (no.58) at the bottom of the scotsman article.It would appear the commanding officer was not well liked!
  3. Used to be the Jimmy on the Onslaught, reasonable enough bloke,didnt like the lads skinny dipping at hands to bathe in the med.Told them to wear their costumes,god knows why we were miles away from land.
  4. A person of the same name now runs Paignton Zoo!!
  5. This guy was actually 'offered' to the press by the MOD as one of a number of old Falklands hands who would do a story, so his appearance in the press is kosher
  6. Same person as well as same name, nice bloke, in my opinion, we were on the same training class. Later on our wifes were mates too as we lived close to each other in Moon City.
  7. His jimmy on Conqueror is now a retired vice admiral and is also available for interview.
  8. I think that the comment is bollocks. I met him (again) recently at a dinner in Drake and he appears to be the same calm, collected and thoughtful individual he was 25 years ago. I've never heard anyone who served with him on that patrol, or elsewhere for that matter, have a bad word to say about him.
  9. Agree with that...although like all Co's and Xo's...he had his moments!
    As for the Zoo thing - whats that all about? 'Aint the man I know. :?: :?:

  10. I am glad to see that one anonymous comment is not going to ruin the reputation of a decent man!
  11. By the way it is the same chap in Paignton as there is a picture of him in one of their reports !Finance and administration manager
  12. Yup that's him, seems to have aged better than I have, or it's an old photo
  13. He was well liked on the Valiant by all the ratings but the officers hated him as much as he hated them. Valiant was his next draft after Conqueror and he took us down there again for a patrol post conflict.
  14. Bigbaddog, spin a few dits and I will forgive you!
  15. This one time....I was on 13-weeker, up the Barents Sea.... :!:
  16. Saw a documentary on SKY the other day, and the TI of 1982 was interviewed: he was a manoeuvering room W/K on VALIANT in the mid-70's - how come he could change over ? Is it because he was a Mechanician ?
  17. It might have been due to the Electrical Branch Development (EBD) of the late 70s. Someone who was in the mob in those could probably tell you more.

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