HMS Condor

Discussion in 'The Fleet Air Arm' started by Waspie, Oct 26, 2008.

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  1. Any of you old and bolds have a .jpg of HMS Condors crest?

    Need one for a project I am undertaking.

    Scoured the net to no avail, It's the only one that is proving elusive right now.

    Thanks in advance. :thumright:
  2. :thumright: Yer tiz.

    Aye jr :whew:
  3. Very many thanks Bootneck54. Just what the doctor ordered.

    I owe you one. :thumright:
  4. Ah Condor.....many a happy summers evening strolling around the airfield while on Guard...many an unhappy winters eve doing same.
  5. And that was your armed forces service?
    3 years swannng around an Air Station protecting its sailors from the ball-breaking Arbroath husband hunters..
    It appears you mostly failed.
  6. Er, no Norman I served with 45 Cdo on active service during my time as well. '79-'83 you work out where.
    Patrolling the Airfield was a normal part of Guard duties which were rotated through the various Companies of the Unit.
    Your ignorance of even the simplest Military evolutions brings in to doubt your service with the Kings African Rifles or whatever 'Colonial' outfit you ended up in after your Naval 'career' floundered.
  7. Condor, ahh brill. Quick bus into Abroath, change of clothes and onto the delights of Montrose and Dundee.......oh happy days.! :wink:
  8. Did my part 2 training there from Ganges before moving onto Culdrose. Ahhhhhh memories
  9. Me too. Had an instructor by the name of Smith. Had a finger missing.

    Rumour was he lost it showing some students a sectioned gas turbine. He was pointing at the compressor and a student flicked the turbine. Chief Smiths finger parted company then with his hand!

    Never did find out if the student passed!!

    I was there Sep 68 to Dec 69 then Portland. All that fixed wing theory then drafted to a helicopter base. Only in the RN!!!!!! :wink:

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