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Discussion in 'History' started by Seaking824, Jul 13, 2009.

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  1. Going over some family pics and came across a pic of my father on HMS Combatant in 1945. I knew he served on HMS Dido in 1946 but had no idea on the former.
    There's not much info on it except they were minesweepers, made in the USA and the RN had a few of them.
    Wondering if anyone had served on either of these ships the same as my father.
  2. My father also served on HMS COMBATANT in 1945 and if you have photos of the ship or parts thereof I would like a copy of them if I may.
    as I only have one myself obtained from the National Maratime Museum.
    I would appreciate to hear back from you.
    Robert AKA rockie1
  3. Many people remain under the impression that the only battles still being fought in Europe by 1945 were those on the Continental mainland as Allied forces closed in on Berlin. Responding to your post allows me to dispel this illusion and demonstrate how the Royal Navy was still engaged in desperate conflict on the UK's doorstep right up to VE-Day:

    The Catherine Class BAM (British-American Minesweeper) HMS Combatant (J 341), built by Associated Shipbuilders in Seattle, Washington State, was commissioned on 13 Nov 1943. The Imperial War Museum's catalogue of photogaraphs lists a picture of the starboard side view of HMS Combatant here but doesn't specify a date. Pages 143/4 of 'Allied Minesweeping in World War 2' by Peter Elliott contain these passages in which HMS Combatant is mentioned:

    The Forty-second Minesweeper Flotilla had previously been engaged in clearing the channel around the coast from Le Havre to Dieppe using LL/SA (combined magnetic and acoustic influence sweeps). In 1946, the Flotilla was involved in clearing a field of British moored magnetic mines, laid in 300 fathoms in the Denmark Strait in 1942. Conditions were horrendous with Icelandic gales and drift ice but the aim was achieved.
  4. Hi I'm Tom,
    chatting with my mother about family ties to the forces. I have just found out that her brother served on HMS Combatant till the end of the war. He was a radio operator Alex Montgomery. Sadly Alex passed in 2010. I was just trying to find any more details. Sorry wasn't Navy myself was a crab hence the name...... I know its a long shot but worth a try.
  5. [​IMG]
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  6. Warship Commands listed for George Leycester Barwell, RN

    Ship Rank Type From To
    HMS Fitzroy (i)(J 03) Lt.Cdr. (retired) Minesweeper 14 May 1941 Jun 1941
    HMS Elgin(J 39) Lt.Cdr. (retired) Minesweeper 6 Jun 1941 3 Nov 1941
    HMS Combatant(J 341) Lt.Cdr. (retired) Minesweeper Oct 1943 25 Jan 1946
    Barwell was the only one in command Combatant in her short life.
    His Number One was Tempy. Lt Hon .JFA St.Aubyn RNVR
  7. We once had a neighbour served on Combatant. IIRC, he said they did some sweeping off Normandy on or around DDay. Does that sound right?

    His first name was 'Stan' and think the surname may have been something like 'Robinson' but who knows. Long time ago. If there's a name like that on the crew list ...

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