I'm on PO's course and i'm accomodated in some lovely Junior rates living accomodation

4 new blocks in total i think

over near the old chalets near the dining hall you have Savage VC and Carless VC na dover by the Naafi you have 2 new buildings, even some phase 2 trainees are in some lovely accom

the Senior rates accom is the same but the buildings are twice as wide, giving you a larger room - especially for the double beds

Vivian is still a sh*t hole, i will be there in January on SRCC :(

The new super mess is being built on the spare land near to the Naafi, opens in March
Wiggy_RN said:
Annoyingly I and many of my contempories left the MOB due to being made to cross train from RO to OM(C) (you'll never get your hook if you stay as an RO etc)..!
Luckily i had a DO that didnt have a clue and i was told that i couldnt go OM because i was a source branch sparker

So i managed to keep my Radio operator/Leading operator status until earlier this year when everybody became CIS branch

still kept one set of my NO1's with the correct badges on </rose tinted>
Polycel their was a jet in the corner of the parade ground the far end from the main gate. the Jimmy used to ride a trade bike and was most upset when it was spotted up the flag post by the jet.
On my passing out parade we did a guard for colours at the mast by the main gate.
I remember the air raid shelters on the road to the sickbay and the wrens quarters, as well as doing guard duty in the white city and sleeping behind the gate house.
I was there with Moondog in 74 and didnt go back until last year when the boy passed out.

NAAFI still in the same place and the accomodation for JR's is like a 5 star hotel compared to what is was back in 74.

Parade ground still the same,and JR's dining hall still in the same place.

Also I noticed where we did our basic Electrical classes in the old nissan Type huts are still being used as Store rooms and Meeting places.


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Got to say that i cant really grumble with the accomodation at HMS Collingwood. But thats probably because i did my OM 2's and OM1's course just after they'd built all of the new accomodation blocks.

The only downside to these appartments / messes was that many a time i used to accidently snap the window handles off when shutting the windows as they were thin and flimsey. Think that the block office must have thought i was ROCKY but in disguise!

But all in all, i thought that the accomodation was much better than that of HMS Raleigh!
I remember being kept awake at night by the howling of the wind coming through the windows and drafts blowing all over!


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Wiggy_RN said:
Annoyingly I and many of my contempories left the MOB due to being made to cross train from RO to OM(C) (you'll never get your hook if you stay as an RO etc).
Funny you should say that as when i was doing my OM1's course back in 2001 we had lots of RO's in our group swopping over to OM and they said that they also recalled lots of people leaving the MOB as they didnt want to transfer over either!
I mean, why should they, thats what they signed on the dotted line to do, so why be made to change what you want to do!
tufty said:
Does anyone remember marching to instruction in the pouring rain with your burberry folded over your arm because the QM hadn't put the "burberries may be worn" flag up?
A similar dit from my early days at Collingrad, having joined for greenie training after leaving St.Vincent (1963)
We were detailed off as flower bed watering party, and proceeded with enthusiasm to apply copious amounts of water to any living bit of foliage in sight. All of a sudden, it poured down, so we sought refuge under cover. Along comes the Chief, and asks why we're not watering as ordered. "It's pi**ing down Chief" was the feeble excuse offered. "Then put your burberries on" came the instant reply. I would love to have a photo of us wallies watering the flower beds, in the pouring rain, waering burberries!
I remember being Fire Duty party and every time we had an Excercise Fire it would be in White City and we had to push that Cart all the way there from the Drill Square !!
I have been after a photograph of the old accommodation huts in Collingwood circa early 1960s. Can anyone point me in the right direction please? Thanks.
Are those wooden huts because that looks like Pelican road where we had to do the first 6 weeks on EM's course. They were brick built though.

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