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Discussion in 'The Fleet' started by Nicholson, May 20, 2006.

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  1. Just passed out of Raleigh this weekend, and am off to Collinwood for ET(WE) training, begining of the week. Just wanted to know what its like there and if its any different to raleigh. Thanks
  2. If you're in Phase 2 then there'll still be some restrictions, but not as many as RAL and you'll be concentrating more on the WE side of training than the NGT.
  3. Its a massive place now with around 3000 personnel there. Its easier to get out on night leave and for you youngsters who need plenty of junk food to keep you going, there is a Maccy Dees right opposite the main gate.

    Fareham town centre is about 2 miles away and Gosport is also around 4 miles away.

    As Tattodog has alluded to, it is a bit less restrictive than Raleigh, but you will still have the usual training school things to do, so do not expect to much leniency etc.

    Enjoy it, but most of all remember you are still under training and ensure you don't let yourself get dragged into the slippery slope of 'you cannot teach me nowt' syndrome.
  4. Congrats on getting through Raleigh. I suspect you enjoyed it more than your dad "enjoyed" Ganges! Have fun at Colingrad!
  5. Congratulations stage one overcome. Just one point though you are only just starting to learn this will go on for the rest of your Navy career there will always be something new to take on board.
  6. Cheers Fella's for the info. I understand its ive still got my branch training ahead of me so i wont have that syndrome about teaching. Looking forward to it, and its much easier to get to (collingwood) as i only live in littlehampton, which is about hour away by train. Just gotta re-pack and get train times done. Btw that reminds me, do you need all the kit issued to you at raleigh to take down with you? or is there additional kit u need to take down as well as what already been issued?
  7. Take what you have been issued with, you are still under training so you will need your 4's for classroom, 5's for scran at night and your P.T. gear for the obv reasons. You will need your 1's also incase they ping you for colour duty etc.

    Your given a big enough locker to store it all away neatly. Keep your shoes all shiney for the drill staff, saves you becoming tone death!

    Good luck
  8. I'm a bit confused here.
    Are you allowed to be RA during part 2 training these days?

    How the hell can you have a kit muster of an RAs locker?

  9. :?: Sorry, I am confused now. Are you actualy allowed to be RA during training in this modern Navy?

    Old Git

  10. RA during Phase 2. Officially - NO. But what is stop someone going home when on 'night leave' It is pretty hard to enforce unless they are juniors when they are bed checked by the duty PO. If you do intend fudging it, just remember that if you are adrift or get caught, you will be well in the cacky poo. You will also find it difficult to get home every night as you will have plenty to keep you occupied whilst under training. My advice would be to stay on base as that will also enhance your ability to revise etc.

    Also worth mentioning that you will be allowed to wear civvies to scran each night except when you are duty.

    Another thing. Bear in mind that the massive locker and general space you will be allocated at Collingwood bears buggar all resemblance to what you will have when you join your first ship (even a flat top).
  11. Many congrats on passing out, been following your 8 weeks at Raleigh with interest. My son starts there 22 October so all the info you have given has been of real interest. Hope you enjoy Collingwood.
  12. Theer is a 'diary of a new entry' thing on the Raleigh website if you havent seen it? May also be of interest to you.

  13. Cheers fella, if you got any questions or unsure on what its like or whatever, just leave a question and ill get back to you asap.

    P.S What's he going in as?
  14. He's going in as a Stores Accountant, long way from his first, second or even third choices but his poor eyesight left him with few options. In the end he decided that was the best of a limited choice and is now quite up for it. One question, was there anything that you didn't take to Raleigh that you wished you had?

    Thanks Capt Ahab by the way, yes we had found the Raleigh diary ages ago but had forgotten it again, will give it another look now it's definitely relevant!
  15. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    Probably His Mum, :eek:
  16. I could have done with my mum at Ganges! She'd have been much better at the dhobeying, ironing, etc, than I was. And my dad could have protected me from being being bashed in by some of the staff. He'd have probably ignored the ear twistings by Chiefy AND the POGI on the Parade Ground though - my (then) big ears probably invited those!

    As none of the brutality of of 1959-60 Ganges occurs in contemporary Raleigh though I don't think Sandygib's son has much to worry about... apart from kit musters!
  17. At the risk of offending (and I PROMISE there's no offence meant, Nozzy!) ...

    :wink: :wink: :wink:

    On another note - another way to get away with murder at COLLINGRAD is to say, when challenged, that you are one of the tearaway Network Rail apprentices who live on site but aren't subject to the Naval Discipline Act (cue much drinking, fighting and other stuff that LREGs aren't allowed to deal with!). On second thoughts, don't do that, you might get in even more trouble than you would for mere leavebreaking!
  18. Probably His Mum,

    Hey Janner, I have been accused (and convicted) many times over the years for being the proverbial helicopter mother - I know you can probably tell! However that's one thing I aint gonna volunteer for. I think 90% of my excitment at his success in getting as far as Raleigh is that I can take my foot firmly out of his arse, where it seems to have been implanted for the best part of 16 years, and get it replaced with someone elses! Preferably that someone being alot bigger, stronger and scarier than me!
  19. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    Sandy, I was thinking more of the dhobying and ironing, this is your chance to get him doing the housework for you, explain that you are just trying to give him a flying start.
    On a Mum note, mine (no longer with us) used to swear that She couldn't sleep until I got in at night, when I was at home on leave. What about when I'm not on leave, says I, do you stay awake the whole time? Thats different says She. End of discussion, you should aways know when Mums won.
  20. Yes the washing and ironing conversation has been had a few times. Once exams are done Dad has threatened to teach him how to iron - waste of time me trying to teach him - never quite got the hang of it! Another life skill to thank the navy for, along with the ability to sink endless pints, talk drivel but still stay on his feet and always find his way home!

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