HMS Collingwood Weekend Leave

My other half is currently doing his Basic Training, but as he is becoming a Weapons Engineer after he finishes this he'll be on his way to HMS Collingwood (if I have my information correct!)

I haven't really found any up to date answers on this, so I was just wondering, will he be able to come home most weekends providing it doesn't interfere with his training?

Also, will it be a lot more lenient in terms of rules while he is there?

Thanks in advance!
Peagreen, welcome.

Not sure you've hit the right area of the forum but maybe a MOD will move it if there's somewhere better to catch attention.

Broadly speaking, yes, your OH will get weekend leave, subject to any training requirements like adventurous training, weekend duties, (typically less than 1 in 4 in a large training base) and security situations. Dunno if you are married or otherwise, or where in the country you are but "weekenders" from the Pompey training bases is common. If you choose to move to the area its a good time before he gets his first ship and could be deployed up to 9 months depending on draft pref and skills. Of course then you will tell me he's SM and its off to Scotland on completion of pt2 training.

As for leniency, I'd have to say no. Training bases are not like the fleet and most definitely not like the front line. Discipline is a learned skill. Timekeeping is primary. You are under the microscope. He needs to get back on Sun night in time for a good kip and not be rolling up Mon AM after a 4am departure. Pass the exams, take part in rec and div sports, and sometimes stay for a weekend social whether its a run to France or going to rugby or footy or some other event. Builds the team.

Best of luck, its not an easy road you're headed down.
Thank you for the response, I'm new to posting on this forum so I was a little unsure of where to put it.

As a WE I believe Collingwood is where he'll go for Phase 2 and 3, I could easily be wrong though! It's good to know he'll have the option to come home on some weekends.


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He will be at Collingwood yes. As Ships Cat says he will get a good few W/E off . They even knock off earlyish on friday. My kid was home 3 out of 4 mostly during phase two as WE if she wasnt out on the town when she couldnt be bothered to get the train home. Duty once a month and the ocasional field trip to Wales on leadership courses ect . Back to base Sunday night ready for monday morning.

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