HMS Collingwood Warfare Officer Aquaint


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Hey everyone.

Just a quick question regarding the above course. I noticed on the programme I have been sent that there is a PJFT session during the course...can anyone advise if this takes the form of a 2.4km run or a bleep test for aquaint courses?

It's a bleep test, Kagg. Obviously you're not assessed for it but it's a good indicator of where your fitness is at the moment so put maximum effort in.


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alfred_the_great said:
Tip - speak to the officers when you're at MWS. Acting like a bunch of scared rabbits doesn't impress the rest of us!
I'm not a normally a scared rabbit, so will be firing questions at them until they throw me out the building! :D


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Just wanted to say that anyone who hasn't been on an acquaint course really should try their best to get on one before going to an AIB - its a brilliant insight into the RN and RM and what goes on!

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