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Discussion in 'Bases / Shore Est' started by danny, Dec 24, 2011.

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  1. Hi I was wondering if anybody could answer me a few questions about Collingwood. Firstly is summer leave 2 or 3 weeks? As some MOD training establishments are now only 2 to save money by not having civis sat idle for 3 weeks at a time.
    And what is the best network for a wireless dongle is 3 any good on the site? Many thanks in advance.
  2. 3 weeks is the norm when I've been there. No idea for wireless dongles - are you going to be a JR, SR or in the WR? The latter has wi-fi through-out, not sure about the other 2.
  3. I will be on a year long killicks course. From what i can gather you can get internet in the new accom but you might not be in there straight away and you need a year long contract. Plus I dont have internet at home as im never here so if the signal is good enough i quite fancy one of those fancy wireless dongles.
    It would be brilliant if it is still 3 weeks but the last training establishment i was drafted to (Pongo one mind) only has two weeks now and my friends about to go to Sultan think its the same there. But Sultan is part of the same defence school as the pongo camp i was on.
  4. They will if theres nobody to teach. Thats what the army seem to think anyway. Thanks i have a PAYG one currently but for what i spend i could pay about £1 more and get loads more allowance if i get a contract and play my PS3 online at home then. Good to know that the signal is goo though.
  5. I have a contract MiFi dongle from 3. I can connect up to 5 devices to it. Currently use it for 2 laptops and my Blackberry phone and also looking to get a BB Playbook which I will also connect to it. £18 a month for 15Gb allowance. Works out to about 3 hrs a night on tinternet average use.
  6. Jesus PS3's and WiFi. Used to be which nearest pub is the best!!
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  7. By communicate you mean "talking" and "spinning dits"?????
  8. Wow, do you use them all at once!?
  9. Something tells me that the OP is not going to be course Social Sec!
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  10. You reckon!???
  11. Do you have Internet on your phone? I just used my phone as a modem with my lappy save paying more for another internet when I already had it.

    Every turn of the shaft is a new adventure. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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  12. Also im guessing beer wasnt £4 a pint? And the rights to camp bars hadnt been sold to the devil/sedexo?
  13. ==================================



    Seen the time/date? Coupled with your solitary way of life & hi-tech gizmos your thread speaks volumes about sad your way of life.(and probably me too for biting in reply.)

    Try to enjoy Christmas somehow, wingsy-bash....

    Closing down & logging off this circuit.

  14. Well cheers for your concern but after 5 weeks hard on it in Vietnam/Cambodia/Singapore i have a few short days before i fly out of the country to Spain for some more madness for New Year. So i thought rather than give my body even more punishment it dosent deserve i would have a day off. And save my money on what would be a shite night out in Barrow. So thanks for your concern about my life but its pritty good at the moment thanks.
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  15. Theres not many ABs earning 25-27k a year. Some might not many though. I do currently but when i go on course im taking a £330 a month (pre tax) pay cut. So yeah im not going to be drinking much more than once a week really. Plus i would rather play PS3 with the lads in the block on a week night and then have the money to travel on my leave.
  16. Guns

    Guns War Hero Moderator

    I think this shows the difference between then and now. Chances are the young lad in his cabin online is playing against his friends from around the world. The Internet has meant we can choose who we interact with. They are more likely to keep contact with people they knew before joining up.

    The only reason we spent time in the bar with people as there was nothing else to do. To be honest they would never have been my first choice for a night out.

    As the OP has said you will often find 3-4 guys in one cabin having a Xbox party, with drinks and food.

    Different times. Take now I am sat in my cabin in a sandy place. Instead of going to the bar I Skype my family and we spend two hours online doing our own thing but connected. My daughter sees me, plays with her toys with me and to others I look like a sad bloke stuck in their cabin but in reality I am keeping in touch with my family (or friends when they are online).
  17. You have a bar? REMF! :)
  18. Guns

    Guns War Hero Moderator

    To ******* right. My days of daring do are well and truly behind me and I feel my talents are better served in the middle east. Plus the bar is really the MWR as we are dry, it being Kuwait and a US Army base.

    Plenty of non alcohol malt beverages though. And Gator Aid.
  19. Never dis the gator aid!
  20. It's not just the sceptics NDing, when I was in Iraq one of the Crabs was playing "Quick draw McGraw" after his 2 tins and shot a yank who was passing his cabin.

    Elmer was threaders because his injury wasn't bad enough to medevac him home... Brits were threaders because this caused the end of our 2 can allowance!
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