HMS Collingwood open day


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Commanding Officer
Commodore Charles Montgomery Royal Navy

Welcome onboard HMS Collingwood and to an exciting day of competition and fun! I hope that you will really enjoy our Field Gun Competition as you meet my Officers and Ratings and have a chance to see HMS Collingwood Open Day. The prime aim is of course to raise money for local and naval charities, which this year includes Seafarers UK and The Stubbington Ark RSPCA, who benefit from your generosity.

Our principal event is the RN Field Gun Competition – with the prestigious Brickwood Trophy for the winners. This challenging contest has been running for nearly a century and we have military crews from across the country and abroad taking part. Fast and furious you will see races designed to test courage, stamina, discipline and teamwork of those taking part – and the winners will be able to truly call themselves the “best of the best.â€

Do take the opportunity to see the other displays and events on board. We are privileged to have the White Helmets Motorcycle Display Team, The RN Raiders Parachute Display Team and the Royal Corps of Signals Band, to name but a few.

Finally, many thanks to all our sponsors who have helped to make the day a success. Have a great time, enjoy yourselves and please do help with our local charities – every contribution counts towards those in real need.

Saturday 10th June 2006


Lantern Swinger
Brilliant. Only the RN could schedule an Open Day on the same day as the opening match for England in the 2006 World Cup....where do you think all the potential recruits are going to be, and where do you think all the stall and show personnel are going to want to be.....'sake.


War Hero
They did the same in 2002 when England played Denmark. They put a large screen and I mean large in the drillshed for people to watch. Please remember that the last qualifying runs for the Field Gun are around 1400 and the final is usually scheduled for around 1645.

It did affect the turnout that day and the crowd was not as large as usual, but there were still plenty of people who came along. I am a big footie fan and was running for the Collingwood crew that day, but remember, not everyone is interested in football. Hard to beleive I know, but very true. ;-)

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I think I remember that in 2002, I didn't go but my PTI did. I can remember getting a phone call from some stranger asking me to get his Mrs to pick him up as the taxi wouldn't take a drunk dude!