HMS Collingwood Open Day - Saturday, June 1st 2013

Discussion in 'Bases / Shore Est' started by soleil, May 31, 2013.

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  1. As before.
  2. It's not media, it's rude to just post a link in reply to someone who does a lot for the site, and seen as though it is happening within the next few days it is surely better to have a visible title. Jeez. On another note gutted to be missing this :(
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  3. Be nice if they could have made it free entry for all serving and ex serving personnel!!!! But hey ho
  4. Ha think we did that earlier this week Scouse! Think you can get in for free but have to pay £10 for insurance.
  5. How things change.

    Years ago I would have willingly paid to EXIT Collingrad :brave:
  6. I used to love Collingwood open day. I fondly recall being jiffed to form a 'Robot Wars' team in order to give a demo of our engineering expertise come the open day, with the eventual goal of competing in Robot Wars on TV.

    Needless to say we just spent 3 months pissing up and failed to build anything resembling a working robot. Our 'demonstration' consisted of an ensign draped trestle table with a remote control car on it, some Robot Wars leaflets and an old go kart chassis with a broken angle grinder Harry black maskered to the front.
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  7. I'll be there. Standing in a car park for 12 hours. Happy days.

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  8. Not a hope, as a baby Tiff in 19 cough cough, if you weren't inside the gates before open day started you had to pay.
  9. I remember that Rab, in 197* my parents travelled down to have a look round when I was doing Phase 2, I went to the main gate to meet them and then got charged the entry fee to get back in (and I was in rig)...:(
  10. Tickets seem to be fairly reasonably priced:

  11. yes yes Ma'am.....but it's the thought that counts :angel8:
  12. Not if you live there and just want to ROB to get your head down after a heavy Friday night out.:sleepy3:

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