HMS Collingwood Open Day And 2018 RN Field Gun Competition - Saturday, June 2nd 2018


War Hero
"On Saturday 2 June 2018 a fantastic event will take place at HMS Collingwood, Fareham, Hampshire, when the establishment opens its gates for the annual Open Day, sponsored by Eight Wealth Management, featuring the Royal Navy and Royal Marines Charity (RNRMC) Field Gun Competition.

The Field Gun Competition will feature crews from across the UK and as far afield as Gibraltar competing for the coveted Brickwoods Trophy.

The competition is fast and furious and requires 18-man teams to run, dismantle, reassemble and fire the gun in the shortest possible time. Strength, stamina, and team work are essential in this challenge. The selected crew members began training in March.

During the Open Day there will be attractions, entertainment and displays designed to capture the imagination of everyone."


War Hero
been there done that twice @SONAR-BENDER tried his best but fell at the 11th hour
ONE (of the several times) Sonar Bender ran, (Collingrad and Dolphin) he unfortunately got run over by the gun the day before the competition. Taff Stell has a lot to answer for, as he (allegedly) bounced me into the way of the gun, but it was a genuine accident.

Anchor Faced

Lantern Swinger
Does anyone know if there is a combined RNR team or if establishments have fielded (yes, pun intended) their own teams in the past?

Seems like something fun to do but not sure where to start. (Apart from Googling and finding a website for what looks like an old combined reserves team that hasnt been updated in a few years...)