HMS Collingwood - Network Rail Apprenticeship - WiFi and Accommodation Facilities.

Dear all,

In September, I may be going on the Network Rail Advanced Apprenticeship, during this, all apprentices are accomodated at HMS Collingwood, Fareham.

I am unsure whether this is the right forum to post on but I would like advice in regards to a technical query. I have been looking at mobile WiFi providers for my Tablet, Phone & Laptop and not only are they quite expensive but, I'm unsure which will have good signal strength at HMS Collingwood.

Also, if anyone has any photos of the accomodation block or any information about whats provided there (in a facilities manner) please let me know below, I'm rather interested.



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The accommodation at Collingwood, when I was there late last year, was pretty good - as was the food.

Not sure what accommodation block you are in but I was in Nevin Block which is en-suite & amongst the best I've experienced. Not dissimilar to this (except the sink/shower/loo are in an adjoining room):

BT OpenReach are the wi-fi internet providers on the base but they aren't cheap & they automatically take the money out of your account - even when you put a stop on it!
Thanks for such a quick reply.

I assume you're Navy and not NR. What's the relationship between the two like at Collingwood?
Sorry to ask so many questions.

Is BT Openreach accessible on the whole site or would I be better buying a product like a Three MiFi or EE Osprey?

I've also read the food is okay, which is great being as it's provided free - also, the local area, much to do for the time I get off?

Thanks again,


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I'm Navy & to be honest have not been at Collingwood whilst civilian apprentices were on the base but many moons ago Rosyth Dockyard refitted London Underground rolling stock and the rail-workers were made very welcome & an integral part of the base (HMS Cochrane).

Openreach is pretty much available throughout the base and works well but, in my humble opinion, is overly expensive - I think is was about £22 a month or similar.

With regard things to do - Fareham's fairly quiet but there's the usual amenities and Gosport & Portsmouth aren't that far for a night out. There's plenty to see and do in the area but it's like a ghost-town on the base of a weekend.
Thanks for the help so far.

It's good to know that non-military are made welcome on the base.

Yes, BT Openreach is £30.00 p/month on a three month rolling contract or £25 p/month for a year.
I think I'll go with it for the year (that's how long I'm there for) and see if others would chip in, in return for access to it.

Otherwise, thanks for the information! :) Much appreiciated.

I think you're accommodated in your own block at the extreme south edge of the site, but if you can pick up the main base Openreach wifi it's something like £16 per month on a flexible contract and a decent speed. Mobile phone reception is/was patchy, so I'd hold off investing in a mifi dongle or similar.
I have stayed in the block adjacent to NR Apprentices. Good connection with Vodafone Dongle.

One piece of advice - there are some sailors there on some very very demanding courses (which will influence their future career in the RN). You should be aware that returning to the block causing noise and mayhem (at any time of day) will make you most unpopular.
how on earth do you get openreach in to give you proper internet.
I asked in the Senior Rates Mess and the civvies there had no idea. Which I thought was fairly odd as others have got proper internet installed and it is a well trodden path


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I assumed there are commercial wi-fi routers in the accommodation blocks & you pay for wireless access to them. I've never heard of individuals getting broadband installed on a base as they would need a BT line to their cabin.
I assumed there are commercial wi-fi routers in the accommodation blocks & you pay for wireless access to them. I've never heard of individuals getting broadband installed on a base as they would need a BT line to their cabin.
I have seen what are routers when turning WIFI on. but when phoning BT, they said that my cabin will need an engineer to come out to set it up (as it has never been done to my particular cabin)
and this is a process that has been done many times over the years in collingwood

as said, when asked the civvies in the mess. Just got shrugged shoulders and said it is for me to sort out. No direction or anything. which was quite bizarre IMO
Ninja_Stoker assumes right - I was there this week (admittedly the wardroom side) and it looked like a case of connecting to the Openreach wifi and signing up to the discounted MOD site plan in the pop-up box.

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