HMS Collingwood help with mobile broadband....

Discussion in 'Bases / Shore Est' started by Korsa, Jan 28, 2009.

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  1. been told that theres certain areas you cant get mobile broadband signal....

    anyone got any advice on the best brand for Collingwood....?
  2. the_matelot

    the_matelot War Hero Moderator

    To be honest, it varies enormously due to the fecking size of the place. I've got a T-Mobile dongle and I can only get a decent signal late at night and even then, it is only good for general browsing and that is in one section of the Senior Rates accom-it's probably brilliant in other accom blocks though.

    Hence why my dongle (that T-Mobile say works perfectly here-I don't consider a 1-2 hour window late as night as working perfectly) is in my cabin and I'm on the wireless network in the SR Mess....
  3. I'm using a vodafone dongle in the JR's block.

    Can be ok usually, but poor signal for last week or so now, esp around this time of day.
  4. I'm on 3 mobile. It occasionally acts up, but is generally okay for browsing.

    It sometimes gets upto speeds of about 150kbps when i'm downloading but most of the time it is 20-40kbps.

    The only place i struggle for signal is Howe building (galley).
  5. Obv thy all differ but 02 works differently from other dongles. Where as orange etc feed off 3G and GPRS, 02 as 2 other options, which basically feeds off the best signal in the area.
  6. the_matelot

    the_matelot War Hero Moderator

    Maybe I am being thick here but what is your point Jenny? Korsa was asking for advice about mobile broadband at CWD and when was the last time you were at CWD and used mobile broadband considering you left the mob about 5 years ago?

    O2 uses HSDPA, 3G, GPRS and access to Wifi as a means of date communications. O2 does NOT work differently to other dongles-all the other providers utilise 3G, GPRS and Wifi as well. Orange uses HSDA as does T-Mobile, Vodafone, Three and Virgin (which piggybacks on the T-Mobile Network anyway).

    Exactly how does an O2 dongle work differently to others?
  7. One word..... C*nt, getting out the wrong side of the bed doesn't give you a warrant to jump down my throat, fcukwit. Ain't got nowt to do with serving, it's what a friend of mine at collingwood had told me when I asked them today.

    Ask before acting like a [email protected]
  8. the_matelot

    the_matelot War Hero Moderator

    You still haven't explained how the O2 Dongle acts differently to the other ones. I jumped down your throat because you posted complete and utter sht. As usual. :roll:
  9. Good to know O2 works well. iPhonetastic!
  10. Well...According to this thread I've decucted the following

    T-mobile and virgin won't be so good
    3 and vodafone aren't too bad

    and that the matelot really doesn't like Jenny...Which I found comical :lol:
  11. I use a Vodafone dongle and it automatically selects the fastest service whether I'm in the UK or Norway.... though it's a bit expensive to use abroad. If my iPhone (O2) is anything to go by, that too selects the fastest service automatically, anything from snail pace GPRS to Edge or of course WiFi when available.
  12. Good girl, now give him a swift kickm in the goolies to make sure he doesn't forget. :p
  13. Im on orange and most of my mates are on it down in the phase 2 block. Seems to work best
  14. Don't know about Colingrad, last time I set foot in there the Internet was still known as Janet over here, but I do know that the O2 software takes over the function of the windows Wireless Zero conf. allowing seamless integration between various modes from Wi-fi to HSDPA through 3G to GSM data streams. In addition you get access to a database of available WiFi hotspots in pubs, service stations and other locations to which the software will automatically connect if within range thus saving your bandwidth allocation. This may be what Jenny was alluding to. I'm not sure if Orange has access to the same hotspots, certainly Vodafone don't (or not in the iteration I have access to anyway..)


    Interestingly, all the dongles I've seen regardless of provider seem to be made by the same company and are mostly the same model, so it seems that any differences are solely due to antenna sitings...
  15. im on vodaphone, get 2 bar signal in sr's accom, downloads at 250kbar, and play my playstation 3 through it online with no lag :)

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