HMS Cochrane

Discussion in 'Bases / Shore Est' started by Polto, Mar 20, 2008.

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  1. Well - any one here been based there? Noticed there wasn't a thread about Cochrane so I've started my own. I did two stints there - part of the refit for HMS Walrus, and then the DED for Ocelot. The Lion Club was a bit wild as I recall...there was also a bloody good mob working down Pitreavie - Lynne, Mary, and Wilf Harvey (bunting) - anyone seen Wilf of late? He joined one of those carrier things in the mid eighties - used to live in Carlisle.

    Anyway - for a run ashore - twernt bad - Inverkeithing/Queensferry etc.

    I think the local bop was called 'The Roxy'...or was it 'The Metro'? Thank God Edinburgh was only just over the bridge - what a bloody good night out that was.

    I was in Cochrane when the male J'R's accom ceiling started to give way - we had to move messes - the ceiling collapsed the same day as Captain's Rounds!! Now see - SLAM is nice and all that but you don't get the comaraderie of the busy messdeck...marvellous.
  2. Did some time at Cochrane --but was mainly on the Girdleness and the other ship alongside it . The base then was just being built but the maintenance workshops were ashore as base support .

    Did Boat refits but we had our own Submarine refit group then .

    Cochrane was my depot for leaving the RN -- holiday camp :thumright:
    two weeks doing leaving routine returning gear .

    Caledonia is now the ships accomodation for refit ships and it also has a resettlement office -----apart from that its a ghost town.

    Married quarters are all sold now too.

    :nemo: :nemo:
  3. I also did two stints at Cochrane. One whilst on the Cygnet in refit and the 2nd time whilst part of FSU01.

    Being a southern lad I hardly ever used to go home and had some great runs ashore up there in Jocko land including; The Wee Club, Dockyard Club, Belle Vue, Roxys, The Palace, Rose Street in Edinburgh et al.

    The Lion Club used to be good on bop nights as well and was always packed out with all sorts and the Stovies and Curry's were great as well.

    Cochrane JR's accommodation was disgusting though and should have been condemned in 1980.
  4. I did a bit there as well on Renown for a while in my training stint and then back there 2 years later when we took Revenge into refit and I actually left the mob from there in 1980.
    Good Club in The Lion Club but used to feel sorry for all those poor skimmers who had the crap accomodation below us as we had the top floor plus we also had our own bar and scran house next to the boat,I believe it was the only JRs Bar that was actually run by ourselves ??(10p a pint happy hours on a Saturday !!)
    Also the dockies were great blokes on the boat and used to look after you as you looked after them.

    Remember Waves Nightclub, and also saw The Stranglers at a place just down the road from there when they first started out.
    Also as someone said Edinburgh was just down the road and never made Rose Street from end to end !!

    I could tell a few stories about the married lasses up there whose hubbies were based in Pompey for some reason,but you never know who looks at these boards these days ???????????????
  5. Was refitting Russell in '66/67 and Cochrane consisted of Duncansby Head, Girdleness and Chevron

    Slept on Chevron [Aft PO's mess] and was fed and rummed on 'tothers, all pretty grim really
  6. I was a very young CPO and did OOW on Girdle ness/Duncansby Head and they still piped leave and liberty men at that time ---had to inspect the guys going ashore !!!!
    Free gangway was about 1730 each day!!

    The old Navy :thumright: -------happy days though.

    :nemo: :nemo:
  7. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Yep marvelous accommodation built by that fine jailbird Mr Poulson I seem to recall. Three to a cabin as a Petty Officer.

    Served there 88-91 as Fireschool Instructor - we were nails in them days. The day I joined it was still pitch black dark at 08 unicycle, donut, & there were trays of burning diesel under the firemain pipework that surrounded the fireground to stop the fresh oggin freezing in the pipes. There were plumes of smoke billowing upwards (this was before we invented/started global warming) & the FCPOMEM greeted me outside, dressed in pussers green "Skidmaster"wellies, yellow oilskin trousers, braces at the short trail & with only a pussers hand-knitted string vest atop on the day I joined as a brand new PO stoker. The snow hit me like a sand-blaster horizontally, chilling me to the bone. "You'll like it here" he said smilingly, blinking to stop his eye-lids freezing together, without a touch of irony, his hand-rolled fag frozen to his upper lip as he spoke. I half expected him to continue "On Fridays, we even let you use tepid water to make a cup of tea". It took me 4 years & two Gulf deployments to get warm after that draft.

    Then lived there shoreside as we dragged Hurworth kicking & screaming out of refit immediately post Gulf War one.

    Funnily, although it wasn't at the time, brought Iron Duck out of refit there whilst living "up the hill" in Caledonia more recently & noticed that Cochrane was "all fields" nowadays. It was pleasing to see the civilian engineers conducting a refit had the same mechanical aptitude as me in that they were chuffed when they rebuilt an engine which worked & STILL had a bucket full of nuts'n'bolts left over. Bargain.
  8. Spent most of my 12 there between various ships. Went there first as an REM1 for Castlandhill W/T station. Based in Cochrane but never actually stayed there as when off shift pissed off home.
    Back when Zulu was in refit but was married by then. Also down the the 'Pit' before Zulu and back as Castlandhill as killick of the watch. Bloody marvellous place that. It's now a civvy private house. I'd love to see it inside now. I'll bet they soon got rid of the high power SWAB8 transmitter! Unless of course they have it as a focal point.

    Was on a sweeper when Lochinvar closed down and we shifted over to Cochrane. Lochinvar was a terrific place also. Some of the runs in South Queensferry are the stories of legend. Brilliant. who can forget the Loop shed on a cold wet freezing morning!

    Then was back at Cochrane just before demob working with the FSU. That was in '77 so it was still all go.

    The Lion Club was a sh1thole. Always was as far as I was concerned. Much better at the wee Club, Dockyard club, Inverqueerthing or even Maggies at Dunfermline. Some great runs could be had. (The wife had moved home when I was on the Zulu) The worst thing I remember about Cochrane was the Regulating branch there. Tossers to a man. for some reason they hated everyone. the crusher when I left from there was the most obnoxiuos (spelling) arrogant pr1ck I ever came across in the mob. Sarcastic as fcuk even when I was going round for the 2 weeks with my demob routine. get a haircut before you go lad. (get a life you fcuking pr1ck) The Jack dusties were'nt much better. Are they ever though.

    The messes were the pits. Shoved in with all and sundry. Every tosser getting in and out at all weird times. Much, much better up the 'Hill. Self catering too! Used to go in to the galley for our victuals before going up for your watch. The chefs were brilliant. Do you want this, that and that too. Help yourself mate.

    And of course, the icing on the cake was listening to all the Southern softies complaining about getting home for a weekend. Not fair. Different story when it was Jock stuck down in Pompey in the late 60's early 70's and getting up the line took all night.
  9. Ninj, Cochrane is not "all fields" nowadays, it's an industrial estate.

    I know what you mean about the fireschool as well. Believe it or not, down by the castle is a palletmaking company. Every time I pass I think how well the hundreds they've got stacked in the yard would burn.
  10. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Good point- where I live industrial estates are technically considered rural.

    I thoroughly enjoyed my time there & at least you didn't have to endure the traffic jams of old at Newbury & Brum whilst traveling home of a weekend to the North West.
  11. I must have been an exception to the rule as I never used to moan about being up in 'Jocko' land and never hankered to go home to Kent. Loved the weekends up there and used to regularly go to the 'fitbae' on a Saturday afternoon and head out to Edinburgh for the nights out.

    Sundays would be spent in Kirkcaldy during the day and then in The Roxy on Sunday nights.

    Jock pies, Irn Bru, Stovies, fish or haggis suppers. Loved it up there.

    Southern softie? Not me. :)
  12. Im with you there as well,much better than coming home to Sussex by the Sea in them days !!
  13. witsend

    witsend War Hero Book Reviewer

    Was based there as a fresh faced lad in mid 1990 working for the heavy L section in the dockyard. Remember the lion club one night during the 90 world cup, half the bar supporting England and the other half Cameroon,,,,,lol. Just about remember the Dock Yard Club but was always to pissed. The accom was dire, but the laundry women on the ground floor was great. A couple of quid and she washed the entire contents of you kit bag, and for a pound fifty more she ironed it.
  14. I spent several years based up there, originally joining the Cygnet in refit (probably took over from Brigham actually, though he'd gone by the time I arrived) then spending some time at CMCM having left that good ship prematurely and spending some time on various Ton and Hunt class before heading South for the bright lights ...

    The accommodation was bad but the food was always pretty good, went living out for a while, but spent some happy hours in the Lion Club and the Fleet Bin, the Borough in Inverkiething and of course the Roxy under the bridge at North Queensferry (A future literary hero lived close by I found out later), forays into Edinburgh, anybody remember the Gravediggers? The Palace in Rosyth - usually lots of fighting there IIRC, various places in Dunfirmline (a place so grey and cold it made even Manchester attractive). There was the chip van on the main drag up near the Families Club whose deep fried Haggis were an experience never to be forgotten, especially the morning after having eaten one on top of several pints of heavy (which was the only way you would ever eat one..)

    Loved it up there, sad to see it's all gone now
  15. Lived in South Queensferry for about 7 months in a caravan at the end of the road from LOCHINVAR, and loved it. The STAG's HEAD used to be a right good night out, especially when the Boness Beasties used to descend on the Flotilla Club on dance nights, in their war chariots, decked out in purple wode. They did a right good pint of heavy in there, only equalled by the one at the Dockyard Club at the crossroads in Rosyth.
  16. I think I might have been instructed by you!!!
    I took the 1 day RNXS firefighting course at Cochrane.....
    30 odd assorted civvies arrayed before the Chief, he went apoplectic.
    had us doubling everywhere, when he first said "at the double", we all looked at him puzzled, "at the double? ".
    "It means you F**CKING RUN"
    20 minutes later.
    Decked out in Fearnaught, BA and size 12 wellies, he still had us doubling everywhere, just so we remembered what it meant. Also, cured our hangover from the night spent in Inverkeithing.

    Great fun though, had my head slightly above the water wall when they threw the diesel mix in, that dried out my flash hood and hair v. quickly.
  17. Did a F/fighting 12 hour refresher at Rosyth when the Firemen were going to go on strike ---Green Goddess crews training .

    Started at 2000 and finished in the morning -- the school trainers were
    all arsonists --mad as fcukin hatters and the inferno's were awesome .
    Good laugh anyway-----gave up smoking for a couple of days so as to get my lungs back to normal

    Happy days -- :thumright: :thumright:

    :nemo: :nemo:
  18. I had a couple of small ships in Rosyth and loved it. Every weekday lunchtime was spent in the 'Fleet Bin' in the dockyard, back onboard to empty (some other b*stards) fridge and then up to the Gladyer Inn (The Kickyirheid Inn!) before heading to Dunfs/Inverqueerthing/Edinburgh. Great days indeed. My Mrs is from Limekilns, the wee village next to the dockyard, which some lads will remember and which still has two good pubs to this day, the Bruce Arms and the Ship Inn. In Dunfs the nightclub from the '80s and '90s 'Lourenzos' is back open again - happy days! Dancing still goes on on the tables in 'Montys', the only problem is like most of the UK a night out is now spoiled by loads of neds and slappers fighting after a couple of pints. Still a good night out though if anyone comes back to rekindle memories! A pub that is recommended in Dunfermline is the 'Commercial' (used to be the 'Postgate' for a while) it is in the Good Pub Guide/Good Beer Guide and remains one of the finest DTS pubs in the world!
    Still sad to see the remains of the Dockyard and office buildings where Cochrane was. The Oil Fuel Depot has been flattened and is being turned into a big new housing estate. If you walk along the coastal path from Limekilns towards the Dockyard it still looks 'Navy' with 7 nuclear boats tied up, all 4 polaris boats and 3 SSNs. Have just heard that Crombie armaments depot will no longer have RFA's tying up there and that they will all go to the West Coast (Glen Mallen) but dont know hot true this is. If the new carriers happen they will be getting put together in Rosyth and with the refits still going on their is still RN here add the RM (FOSNII) Band at Caley and its not much but still some matelot and bootie presence!
  19. Monty Banks, of "Monty's" fame is an ex submariner.

    I say is, but I haven't seen him for donkeys, so I don't know if he's still with us.
  20. Was at LRG in 90 for 9 months, welding sentry a go-go but still had a great time around the bazaars especially the DYC, AKA the Slut Hut as I recall, & Lornezoes. Best of all who could ever forget a kebab from the Shalimar in Rosyth!

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