HMS Chiddingfold's 'run, ride, row home challenge'

During HMS Chiddingfold's passage home after three years in the Gulf, her current ship's company (MCM2 Crew 5) is simulating the entire 6,200 mile journey using their rowing, cycling and running machines. This involves:

  • 'Cycling and running' across the Middle-East from Bahrain to Aqaba in Jordan
  • 'Rowing' from Aqaba through the Suez Canal, across the Mediterranean and through the Straits of Gibraltar to Faro in Portugal
  • 'Cycling' through Spain and France to Cherbourg
  • 'Rowing' back to Portsmouth
Their objective is to raise awareness of Prostate Cancer for men within the Royal Navy and to raise as much money as possible for Prostate Cancer research.

Support them online via their JustGiving webpage at HMS CHIDDINGFOLD 'RUN, RIDE, ROW HOME CHALLENGE'


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This was on p5 of our June edition; despite the bit at the bottom, there haven't been regular updates sadly - the last we had from them was their visit to Jordan :(

While Quorn and Ramsey head east, Chiddingfold is gearing up for the return journey to the UK.
It’s a tough passage home for the ship’s company… and we’re not talking about the length of the journey, or the weather they might encounter.
Ships returning from the Middle East typically ‘row the Suez’ using the vessel’s onboard rowing machines. The canal’s a ‘mere’ 120 miles long, far too short for the energetic team on Chiddingfold. They intend to run, row and ride the 5,000 miles from Bahrain to Pompey using the ship’s gym machines.
First is a run/ride covering the distance from Bahrain to Aqaba in Jordan (just shy of 1,000 miles). Then it’s on to the rowing machine for the Red Sea, Suez and Med as far as Faro at the tip of Portugal (3,000 miles).
Once the ship reaches there, the crew will climb back on the cycling and running machines for the 1,000-mile overland trip to Cherbourg. The last leg home from France (85 miles) will be concluded on the rower.
“It will take nothing less than 100 per cent dedication for all personnel to achieve this immense challenge, but we are determined to do it,” said Chid’s CO Lt Cdr Charles Maynard.
“There will no doubt be times of bad weather, machinery and equipment defects to rectify, and with only one of each machine onboard, the likelihood of a breakdown will be high given their usage.”
As well as keeping the sailors fit, the key aim of the challenge is to raise money for prostate cancer research – among men the disease is responsible for more deaths than any other form of cancer except lung. Once the challenge begins later this summer, you’ll be able to follow the progress via Chiddingfold’s page on the Royal Navy website.


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I will gladly support this charity event; I cannot stress enough to males of a certain age how important it is to have checks for this terrible disease.

I myself went to my GP to have my prostate examined (although I don't think he was supposed to put both hands on my shoulders..!) :shock:
Pompey News 18 Aug 2011 said:
SAILORS serving in HMS Chiddingfold have rowed, run and ridden 6,200 miles for charity.

The 44-strong crew of Chiddingfold, a minehunter which returns to Portsmouth today after three years away, have spent the six-week journey back from the Gulf clocking up the miles on gym equipment.

Donations will be made to the Prostate Project which funds research into prostate cancer.

Executive Officer Lieutenant Matt Brock said: ‘It’s been an immense effort. At times we’ve had horrific conditions as the lads tried to row, run and ride for 14 to 16 hours a day in a big swell. It’s been an arduous test.’

Chiddingfold, which has rotating crews, has raised £1,172 so far in online donations. Sailors are appealing for more cash at
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