HMS Chatham's final homecoming


War Hero
No disrespect intended to the mighty MoD (and it is nice to see you putting news onto RR) but this is the second time in the past week (that I have noticed) where you have created a thread where one already existed.

Convention is (where possible) not to reinvent the wheel but to add to existing posts rather than create identical ones. - just a suggestion.
RSS (Really Simple Syndication) articles are generated centrally and transmitted to several recipients (including websites) simultaneously. No one monitors receiving websites to see if the articles have already appeared. However, I don't know why there is such a delay between an article being published on the MOD/RN websites and being transmitted via RSS.

You can sign up to RSS feeds on your PC/mobile phone for things like real-time football commentaries where the content is updated automatically withut you having to refresh the display.

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