Discussion in 'History' started by jambosun, Jun 14, 2007.

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  1. I have recently been given the comissioning books for the following ships:

    HMS CENTAUR - 2nd Comission (Covers 2 Sep 1958-5 Sep 1960)
    HMS BULWARK - Commision Nov 69-Dec 71 (Includes trips to Aus, South Africa, Singers, Indonesia, HK)
    HMS ALBION - Comission 1967-68 (Again includes trips to SA, Singers, HK and Aus)

    They are brilliant books with loads of detail, dits, funnies and photos. If any of you were on these ships and want me to look anybody (or yourselves)up or the department you were in or trip reports etc then I am happy to have a go and send photcopies to you. Might take some time as I'm not always in the same location as the books but am happy to have a go.

    They are most definitely not for sale just in case anyone asks.
  2. Angwish,

    Many thanks for that -it appears that the Commissioning Books are available on CD from the Association for all 3 ships so I probably won't have to do any digging after all! :thumright:

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