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I came across a zippo lighter at sn antique shop today, with the hms cardiff ship badge and falkland islands on the back. The badge is the circular one. I checked it out online, but seems every other zippo lighter out there has the hms cardiff pentagon badge. I know the hms cardiff had a circular badge, as seen on photos, so where does the pentagon badge come from? I see most zippolighters from desert storm era is with the pentagon badge.

What is the correct badge?


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According to the BR, circular for warships, diamond for establishments and pentagon for RFA.

Which is what every ship, boat and shore establishment I've ever served on or in has conformed to. I've no idea why the Zippo's have a pentagonal badge.

The circular design was standardised in 1940, before that cruisers had a pentagonal badge so maybe it's a throwback to then. Maybe the zippo badge designer got it wrong?

Cardiff was a WW2 light cruiser and had the pentagonal badge.
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Thanks for the reply. I think they might be replicas not so well made

Quite possibly. At the Temple Street Market in Kowloon, I saw a Zippo lighter with an RAF roundel and a silhouette of a Tornado. The stallholder assured me it was genuine. The lighter carried the logo: "Operation Desert Strom".

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