HMS Cardiff heads off to be scrapped

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by 5dits, Nov 17, 2008.

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  1. Linky

    To be followed by Glasgow//Newcastle. Happy memories.
  2. Happy Memories of D88 and D87

    Sad to see but that's life in a blue one I guess
  3. Agree, would haave loved them to try and keep the NEWC as I would go back to her tomorrow if Dave Prentice asked :thumright:

    Realistically though, look at the problems they've had trying to keep the Plymouth, etc up at Birkenhead. Memories will have to do I'm afraid.
  4. Served on D108 for the 1st commission. She was my very first draft as a JMEM, fond memories of her and very sad to see her being sent to the scrapyard. The Type 42s were my favourite class of ship to serve on, and my two best ships were Cardiff and Southampton.
  5. Good Cardiff was the worst ship I ever had the misfortune to serve on and I will enjoy shaving with it.
  6. We have lately been sinking ours as dive reefs around the coast.
  7. That's way to progressive thinking for our planks.
  8. You just can't keep them all my friend.

  9. I can safely say that life certainly was great on D108, hands down the best ship I've ever served on. She was fucked but brilliant, was on there when she decomissioned. Had some good trips and superb shipmates. Great, great memories.

    Finknottle, as ever, you are a c0ckwit, I take it life on the Cardiff was a little too "Robust" for you?
  10. There was a time when RN ships were eagerly purchased by foreign navies; it seems to be a sign of the economic times that no one can afford to fork out a few international schekels to give our ships another lease of life.
    I can only speak for my own drafts that have gone to further their careers ie Antrim, Hermes, Bristol(thanks for keeping her in commission)(I wish Argonaut could have had a better 'afterlife', but the Spaniards got her; I suppose that's a fair exchange for the ones we scrapped at Trafalgar.).
    Anyone else got reports on what happened to their old 'homes'?
  11. Levers_Aligned

    Levers_Aligned War Hero Moderator

    Heads up. Geordie Gunboat going very soon. Possibly before end of week.

    *taps nose*

  12. No one was interested in the T42's… Not suprising really.
  13. I went on a deployment of a life time on the mighty Geordie Gunboat. NTG2k

    Some very fond memories aboard her.
  14. Well Bunting Bob, 2 of my old pits are now inhabitted by at least to Indian matelots, the Alacrity and Ambuscade were sold off and are now enjoying life in the hot weather, hope they upgraded the vent as it was bloody hot when we did WIGS lert alone in the Indian Ocean. Happy to say D96 is still under the White Ensign, for how much longer I don't know but the Fighting G is still pounding waves. To whoever thinks 42's aren't worth a foreign navy buying they have proven their worth all over the world mate, a great class of ship that was only messed about with by blody bean counters again.
  15. Levers_Aligned

    Levers_Aligned War Hero Moderator

    Them there Pakistanis must be well pyssed off they have Indians living in their messdecks.

  16. I'm too nice a guy to say that, but I applaud the sentiment. :thumright:
  17. Come off it Finky! HMS Scylla - Cawsand bay.

    2BM (HMS Scylla 1971-73)
  18. Yes Bob, I've just posted this in another thread, so it's fresh in my mind.
    Bulwark and Ulster - breakers yards. Lowestoft - sunk as a target.
    Scylla - towed out and sunk as a diving reef in Cawsand bay.
    Penelope and Danae - sold to Ecuador, and for all I know still in commission!
    All my old homes.

  19. Hey Tommo, nice words - the deployment was made by the best ships company any ship could ever wish for :thumright:
  20. And I'm sure if he had the chance he would ask!!

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