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Discussion in 'The Fleet' started by Mix12, Feb 21, 2009.

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  1. How is it that HMS Cumberland has a Captain in command whereas HMS Campbeltown, an exactly comparable ship, only has a Lieutenant-Commander in command?

    Anyone explain?
  2. CUMBERLAND is seagoing.

    As for CAMPBELTOWN, either she is in refit or some form of extended readiness, or (much less likely) the Lt Cdr shown in Command on the Bridge Card has been selected for promotion but has not yet put up his third stripe. You would normally expect the officer concerned to be given the acting higher rank in this situation, so my guess is that, for whatever reason, CAMPBELTOWN is not seagoing and so has a Lt Cdr, probably the senior engineer officer, in command.
  3. I can answer this, it is fleet's intention that for every for FF/DD within a flotilla, at least one will carry a Captain as a CO, this is so that the other COs have an experienced serving CO on his second or third drive who they can call upon for advice.
    As above, Campbeltown is in refit, and hasnt had her skipper join yet, he will be a Commander though.
  4. Bit like Capt.F & Capt.D in days of yore ?
  5. A more significant reason for having the odd 4 striper in Command is so that there are some seagoing jobs for Captains - some of whom will become Admirals. It is essential for those Warfare/X officers in the higher reaches of the RN to have recent seagoing experience.
  6. you are bang on ctf, ever since Batch 3 T22s got de-enriched to Commander, and they got rid of Captain F/Ds they havent been enough seagoing jobs for four ringers
  7. As she's sat in 2 dock in Rosyth, the two and a half will be the MEO in charge during the refit.
  8. Seadog

    Seadog War Hero Moderator

    You've asked an 'exactly comparable' [sic] question before and had it answered.

    Why a commander, not a captain?

    Is this going to become a series or have you got the idea this time? :roll:
  9. ooo sorry! :O

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