Its where gunners who thought they were submariners gathered cos they got crabby shooting their pop guns and did not polish the boots to much.



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Aways remember call the hands, the awakening chorus was " hands off cocks socks on "and the gash bucket lid was taken off and a stick they carried was rattled round the inside of the bin, by the duty PO or HOOKY. Mind you it was good for us oldies who were "Grog",

TOT was always 1600 after work, at the Wardroom from OOD, you always got it neat, when I was there anyway.


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Spent some happy months there, particularly as I was an SSAB and excused duties. One day we sent to the seacat domes at Fraser Gunnery range where I was found to have the talent. Next thing I end up as a seacat aimer and never saw the inside of a 4.5 Mk6 again. I wanted to be a gunnery rate and ended up a missileman :roll:


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Just been playing on Google earth and decided to have a look at establishments I had visited in the mob, Pembroke, Gannet etc: got most, even found Royal Arther but Cambridge seems to have gone! Have they knocked it all down? Only thing I can see on the map is the road ways and the galley.