HMS Cambridge Revisited

I was based at Cambridge from 1966 (post Ganges training April 65-66) for a year before joining the Fife D20 on her 1st commission.
had a great time, firing the guns, jumping of rocks and swimming and walking along the coast to Bovisands. wish I'd spent more time visiting Dartmoor though.


War Hero
Hated the place - too knackered to notice the view - went there in 98 on Northern Ireland course - running and marching up and down the cliffs, ambushing and being ambushed by booties

Every 2 days having to do the RM fitness test - run 1.5 miles as squad, 30 seconds rest - then 1.5 miles alone in 11 mins - in boots and greens

as a rest in between days - gym...........................................


War Hero
When I was on HMS Laleston a crew member went there and couldn't understand the commotion when he unfurled his Wanchai Burberry,.
well it was raining.