HMS Cambridge Revisited


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Er... really? :confused:

Well I was thinking of the Cat Class cruisers, Darings, Battles, CA, CO class multi-turreted 4.5, 6 inch guns. I know times change but still sad that all we have left are a fraction of what once was It seems successive governments have watered down the navy, but hey-ho, all be the same in a hundred years.


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As a young man, yes even I was young once, I was the last Caterer of the Gunnery School in HMS Drake. When the School left for HMS Cambridge I stayed to help close down the Gunnery School. I then went to Cambridge prior to draft to HMS Lion. Later on I served on HMS Cavalier. She had Flyplane 5 with a Mk6m Director. I was the TS Sweeper. That was 57/59. In 1966, after qualifying as GI, my first draft was to HMS Cambridge. As no-one else had any experience with Flyplane 5 it was handed over to me. The RED system, tucked away at the end of the Control block. I was there for three years. I had a systems Officer who, when we first met, admitted that he did not understand how the system worked. He said to me 'You run it, I'll stand by the Check Fire Bell'. For me a very satisfactory arrangement. I next returned in 1971 as a CPOGI and took on Blue system. MRS8. In 73ish I took over as MRGPOGI, don't you just love initials, there I stayed until I retired in 1974. So you can see that HMS Cambridge is a memory of years of pleasure for me. It is sad to visit now, no longer a vital place in the RN. Hated by a few, but loved by lots . " When I blow my whistle you stand still and be silent".... (The Power :mad:) Still have that whistle, tried it on the wife, strange, it seems to have lost its power! I'll stop now before the tears flow.


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As a WAFU I didn't know the place. However I got there when I left the RN and Joined BAe as afield engineer. Had a couple of trips when working with sea archer and GSA8


I was there early 70 doing the baby gunners course, back again for some reason in 73ish where I was informed I was a credit to the navy..the russian fekin navy! for pointing out that "check check check" could not be heard by the guns (4.5 Mk6) crew while wearing gas masks, happy days indeed.