Hms Cambridge best scran back in the day.


Was reminiscing to an old oppo the other day about our part 3 training at that quaint old shore establishment in Wembury.... HMS Cambridge and how compared to Raliegh, Dryad and Collingwood they had the best Scran going especially the breakfasts. Training on the 4.5 and 20mm loading and live firing drills was the best part of all my training as an Om it certainly beat those rigorous days in the CACS simulator at dryad which was a dulled down version of Thursday war ashore! It's a real shame they decommissioned Cambridge.. Fond memories.
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Can't believe they bulldozed it flat when they sold it, shame, whilst under puns peeling spuds in the galley there were more cockroaches than chefs the food was good though


I only went there once to play HMS Cambridge at football in the late eighties
I was the un-used - not needed sub for the team :( !! but thanks for turning up !

Our coach, Billy Mustard, voluntold me that I was needed for lineman duties! I was disenfranchised and clueless but very honest! Anyhow turned to be a very eventful game/ day!!

I managed to disallow a goal for our team ( FMB Devonport) then allow a contentious offside goal for them ( Cambridge) so it looked I was going to have walk back to guzz ...until thankfully we equalised ( other end ) and won in extra time .
Once during the game, when the ball went out of play, I ran to recover the ball and trod on an ' IS Platoon trainee' in combats hiding in the long grass !
Did'nt get scran - BTW in OZ scran is an acronym is 'sh1t cooked by Royal Australian Navy'
After the game at least they did allow me on the bus - but no-one spoke to me !!!
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Good times in the skittles alley, the Doc had the skittles banned 2 hours after bar opened, due to to many injuries, pissed Jack bowling whilst skittles being set?


Aah OHS - rules are good !! I wonder what other activities current OHS rules standards would be kyboshed or banned that were ok in the 'good old days'?

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