HMS Cambria's annual It's a knockout!!!

Discussion in 'Royal Naval Reserve (RNR)' started by mazza_magoo, May 12, 2008.

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  1. Right then fellow reservists, the calling letter has gone out to all RNR units for this years It's a knockout weekend at HMS Cambria. I'm not going to give the censors the satisfaction of putting any details on here, it's just to give those that are interested a heads up, and to start looking for the details on it in your units.

    If they say that they have not received it as yet, PM me and i'll chase it up and get it resent. For those of you that haven't been before its a chance to see that RNR is not all work, we do play as well.It's one of the few social weekends were we all get together regardless of rank or rate or branch, so look out for it, and come down and see us!


  2. As long as it's not july... please not july....
  3. Ah the Annual Cambria Shagfest.

    Anyone remember the year when the TV spontaneously fell off the wall?
  4. you coming rosie? and don't give me any of that 'i'm not in the rnr anymore' bollocks.... :afro:
  5. I thought she was back in again?
  6. I was leaving, then I didn't and then I actually did and now I am hoping to rejoin. Its all the PO Stoker's fault.
  7. what date is it? normally 1st w/end in august but last year it was the last in July if i remember correctly...
  8. you have a PM
  9. Please can i have one too?

    After the footy weekend at EAGLET I'm ready for another social!
  10. Can I cum please !!!

    As for your other comment "I was leaving, then I didn't and then I actually did and now I am hoping to rejoin" Are you sure ?? Come on now, don't be indecisive ! :thumright:
  11. I used to be indecisive, but now i'm not so sure!
  12. The Londinium Contingent will be coming!! Have about 20 on the list so far - just need to prize the entry fee from thier grubby little hands.
  13. How did the Cambria its a knockout go?

    Any good dits from the shagfest???
  14. It was a fab weekend.I would personally like to thank everyone that came for attending and making it the great weekend it was. CMR attended and seemed to think it was good fun. It was a chance to get everyone together for some relaxed PLT type activities, good team buliding and a Party thrown in. I thought it was great (but then as one of the organisers i'm a little biased....) come on attendee's give us some feedback!

  15. Another good weekend, not sure about the moaning coming from one of the tents on the Friday night though
  16. yeh i heard about that but was too dead to the world to notice.

    probably a stray goat
  17. :lol:
  18. It was a good weekend, I feel perhaps not quite the place for a JO but was made to feel very welcome none the less.

    I was convinced i was suffering heavy sun stroke when I saw CMR though.

    BZ to all who organised it and as a final point you have an absolutely cracking unit and the view is inspiring... (you can see civilisation across the water) :thumright:
  19. Surely if CMR can come then any JO shoud be able to come without feeling 'out of place'..... :thumright:
  20. Without wanting to open the debate about them and us, there was one JO that turned up that seemed to miss the point of the weekend completely - a bit of a peen-arse really. So far up his own backside was unbeleievable; certainly missed that the weekend was a fun event for people to let their hair down and relax a little. (Happy to say he was not from the London Unit so President bashers please back away)

    Rest of the JOs that I met (after the above) seemed to be normal - and what can I say about the 2-ringer that that went down the water slide and got stuck into the mud fight.

    CMR was brilliant - I didn't even recognise who he was at first. Hopefully our conversation will not be a career limiting move on my part :)

    But say again - THANKS CAMBRIA!! Best knockout in years that I've been too; and thanks for booking the good weather on the day that mattered.

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