HMS Calliope


I'm thinking about joining the RNR after six years in mob and Calliope's my nearest RNR center.

What shall I do, just turn up? What nights the drill night? I'd hate to drive all of fifty miles to Newcastle and find there's no one there.


I went to my local careers office a couple of weeks ago. The only person manning the RN desk was a bootneck, who, when I asked him about the RNR, said "RN what?"

Cheers Auldyin. Regular there are you?


War Hero
Calliope is sound mate. full of top guys and girls.

We sometimes wish we were a tender of Calliope rather than Sherwood.

Good luck and have fun.


If you want info about joining CALLIOPE, you can ask me! I'm the Deputy Recruiting Officer for the unit. I can be contacted on 0191 4772536, Extn 221, or contact Lt. Cdr Jones RNR on the same number, Monday or Thursday evenings. Be glad to have you aboard!
used to work at Calliope for a while, when i was P7rd. Brilliant place to work. my old man was based there for 3 years in the 90's.
Heard a romour that it's due to be sold off , which would be a shame :(

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