HMS Caledonia

Back now! Overall i had a really good time. I surprised myself in many aspects.

I shared accom with two other girls, there were only three of us which made showering very easy! Some members of the class were... pretty rowdy and badly behaved, which was a shame. But i don't suppose you can expect 16 year olds to act like military adults off their own backs, they have to be made.

We did some PT (everyone whinged and pissed and moaned and dripped) and, though i can truthfully say i pushed myself), it was nowhere near as bad as even my boyfriend's Muay Thai warm ups! I did absolutely rucks of push ups- properly- and cracked out quantity and quality, which i was pleased with. Running... i passed the PJFT again, but didn't do too well, 13mins 35secs, but found it more comfortable than on a treadmill. It was that pulled abdom muscle that gave me grief again.
Swimming, i seriously shocked myself. I'm a very weak swimmer. I had lessons for technique but stamina is still lacking. The overalls i had would have fit me in about 4 times and the crotch was 'round my knees. Jumped in, treading water was easier than i expected in overalls. I aimed to do backstroke, but couldn't raise my arms because the underarm of the overalls was by my elbow, so couldn't do that. Eventually just stopped the arms and kept the legs going in breaststroke fashion. Pulled myself out no problem. Despite being the weakest swimmer, i got out before the others.

Faslane was great. The submarine, Superb, was great. Wouldn't like to serve on one even if i could, but was good to see, i'll never get that chance again.
Rifle firing was good. I was so secretly pleased with how that went. For some reason, i kept getting really good groupings. My best grouping was 113mm, and the civvie trainer said i was a very good shot. Asked if i'd been in cadets. No. He said i'm a born marksman, said i should be a sniper and consistently the best shot all night! Wow! I had no idea i'd be any good at that. With most shots i could hear my lane number being mentioned. That was seriously nice.

This morning i got chosen as... i dunno, mess manager or something, had to report to the Lieutenant saying our accomodation was ready and all! I know there were only three of us to choose from, we didn't need anyone to pull each other in line and i was only picked as token because i was the oldest, but when the Chief said she and the POs had been watching all week and discussing, made me feel pretty proud.

All in all i recommend HMS Caledonia. I'd be lying if i said it stopped any doubts, it might even have made me doubt the choice a bit more. But it was a great few days. Without sounding conceited or complacent, i'm feeling really proud of myself for achieving things i never thought i could do. Not so scared of Raleigh because i know it's within my capability. Good stuff.
i agree snappy the course was good and like you said it was ashame a few people couldn't behave but what can you expect, i beleive i saw the said person floating in the river over the forth bridge lol.

it did give a great insight to releigh and naval life. just a shame about all the aches and pains but you can't have it all.

i would reccomend anyone who has the chance to go the course to take it as it will prepare you and help pick up all ur weaknesses.

but all in all it was a great time

p.s. snappy may i just ask who you are? if u wish u may reply by pm or on here cheers


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yozza, if there were only three of you on the course Snapper will be one of the other two, make a guess and see if you are right
Yozza, you were on the same course at the same time? Wish i'd have asked everyone if they'd been on here, but i'm such a gobby cow on here, didn't want anyone to know it was me if there were any RR members around ;)
Looking at your profile, i do remember seeing you on Bluetooth coming back from Faslane... but still don't know who you are!
I'm second row of our photo, the one pulling a f-ing ridiculous face, on the right of the photo. You? No doubt i won't know your name, so give me your photo coordinates!

Credders, i liked the submarine a lot! But having zero contact with anyone other than the company would be rough! Our Chief was raving about the Vanguard and Astute class. She says Vanguards are a 'married man's boat' because they have more predictable deployments. Ever been on a boat? You'll probably get to at Cally!
i know who you are now snappers, i'm on the 4th row right hand side. i was on the same train as you back. also to be honest you have surprised as you seemed quite quiet to me. also janner i am male not female and on the course there were 24 of us not just 3.