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HMS caledonia for 4 days!


Hi, my son left for 4 days of training this morning to Scotland, and I haven't heard from him since he was on his last train there! Is it strictly no mobiles whilst they are there for the 4 days!!
Has anyone else done this training, I am hoping he will enjoy it and that it will get him excited and mentally prepared for HMS Raleigh on March the 5th!
This is going to be a long 4 days don't know how I will cope when he leaves for 10weeks :-/
Get used to this Maj you often won't hear from him when things are going well, but, when there are problems He'll be on the phone, welcome to the world as a Matelots Mum. There are two or three other Mums on the forum, all of their sons are at different stages of training no doubt they will be along to cheer you up at some stage. ( I can't remember their names at the moment, if anyone else can please tag them)
I didn't hear from my son at all during his PRNC. He's now on week 10 at Raleigh...I hear from him most days now but the first few weeks he didn't have any free time so I hardly heard anything.

I just tell myself no news is good news....
Thankyou for your reply!
OK I will just get it out of my head and man up a little haha!! Did your son enjoy it though? I guess it didn't mean he was put off from going to Raleigh?

Oooh week 10, which means passing out week, I bet your excited!! Proud moment! Good luck for that :)
Thankyou for your reply! I just want to know he actually arrived at the camp off his last train haha! I thought with him being 16 they may of got him to phone home to say he had got there!! Like you said "I will just have to get use to this"
He loved it....a few of the lads on his PRNC had the same start date at Raleigh which helped.

I think overall he's enjoyed Raleigh...the first couple of weeks were really hard....such a change of routine, away from home, pretty full on and a few problems with other lads not taking it seriously and everyone getting punished for it. He came home for Christmas leave after completing week 7....that actually worked out really well. He was well pumped up for going back for the final 3 weeks.

The change in him has been incredible and I truely believe this is the career for him....the lads in his division will be mates for life...they are like brothers and even when he was home for Christmas they were all in contact with each other.

Friday is Pass Out day....I cannot will the proudest day for us all.

Hope your son enjoys this week...let me know how he gets on and if you need any more advice let me know :)
Awww thankyou, I really appreciate all that info and it somewhat makes me feel a little better to know it will be the making of him if he keeps focused!!

I believe my son after reading some of the forums will get easter leave which i knew nothing about to be honest!! I kind of thought this was a bad thing to break off but your saying it did your son good as he was raring to get back! So that's nice to hear!
Thanks again x
I believe Easter leave is 7-24 April. I think having a break can work both ways depending on how they are finding training....

I can't stress enough how much family support is needed in the early days....encourage him even if your heart is breaking listening to how hard he's finding it. It does get lad has loved the last 6 weeks of training.
It's true no news is good news :D
Didn't hear from mine at Prnc, hardly at Raleigh due to lots of phone bans. I did get contacted saying iron broke need new one asap and my phones broke. Wait until they're trained, get a car and come home every weekend then you'll get fed up :)
I can hear him.

Him and all his PRNC mates marching around in the car park shouting left right left outside my cabin.

He'll be fine and kept very busy, as Zeb says, no news is always good news.
I had my prnc in Scotland last September, tomorrow is most of the physical tests so you'll probably hear from him after, I loved Scotland and the staff/officers couldn't be better imo, he'll be fine trust me
Thanks everyone! Hearing all of your opinions as made me feel so much better!! And he text me last night to say "in bed now, had a good day" - so I am over the moon :) xx
Hi there Major03, I agree with all the others, don't worry. Wait till he gets to Raleigh, as I and other moms can attest to, the stress then begins. You will not hear from him once there for a couple of days then the Tier Warning System kicks in and you will hear all about it, it will be quite stressful but they all go through it. Just have plenty of de-stressing tools around yourself, i.e. wine, beer, chocolate, etc and you'll be fine ;). Mine is currently in Phase 2 and we had stress last week because of an upcoming exam and how he didn't understand anything but then managed to get a pass mark of 97.4% and now the next exam will be next week of which I have also been informed how hard it all is and how much they have to learn:rolleyes:...I got fed up and said "welcome to big people's world

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