HMS Calcutta 1938

Discussion in 'History' started by heythrop, Sep 7, 2007.

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  1. I am putting together details of service of a Royal Marine who was a Colour Sergeant at the time covered by this query.

    I have established he was in HMS Calcutta from 1 July 1938 to 28 September 1938.

    At some time in 1938 HMS Calcutta went into Chatham Dockyard for conversion to an anti-aircraft cruiser, which was completed in July 1939.

    Can somebody help please; Would that C/Sgt have been likely to have served in the ship before she went to Chatham Dockyard, if so then would be glad to know where the ship was at that time.

    Alternatively, would he have been around the ship during the conversion.

    I am not up on Navy matters, so do not know if the ships company would have been stood down whilst the conversion to an anti aircraft role took place.


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