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Discussion in 'Social & Reunions' started by cracker89, Feb 4, 2010.

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  1. Does anyone know if its still up North Shields??
    I know there was a day when it was open to the public but we cant seem to find anything!

  2. Thanks but ive looked on there and couldnt find anything?
  3. According to

    she left Pompey 10/4/81 for scrapping after arrival at Cairn Ryan (wherever that is ?)
  4. haha. i believe she is now back in plymouth!
    power of facebook! haha
  5. Sorry, wasnt sure where to put it!
  6. No it's OK. I wasn't saying that you had put your thread in the wrong place!

    I meant that, when I have an article on an individual ship, I put it into the Fleet Forum because that is the most suitable place for it.

    If you look at the Fleet Forum, you will see that most titles include the name of a ship such as HMS Bulwark etc.

    If, on another occasion, you wonder if there is any news about a particular ship, look in the Fleet Forum and, if anything has come out, that is where you will find it.
  7. Oh! That Bulwark .... oops, I'll get m'coat n hat
  8. yep. haha.

    Cheers Soleil, i'll remember for next time :)

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