HMS Bulwark visits home of German Navy


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I know I've run this one before, but when the last Bulwark visited Hamburg the patrol had to retrieve a matelot who had cast his hat into the little pool of light on a bar dance floor and asked "Which of you jew-burning bastards is going to buy me a beer?"

My late cousin visited Hamburg during the war courtesy of the junior service, which apparently gave the Metro an overdue soogie out by making a hole in the roof and letting some water in. Otherwise he saw it in plan view, all lit up, it must have looked so pretty. I gather many of the buildings nowadays are quite modern.

However hope Jack finds the run ashore standards have been maintained. More going than just tea and stickies, one used to hear.
On my final trip to Hamburg I went to formal din dins at the Rathous ("Town Hall" in Blighty speak). Formality dictates that the speeches are in Jerry first then done properly second.
Apparently it was Brit who redesigned Hamburg for its reconstruction and they were actually proud of that fact too.

Fcuking weirdos, if some Johnny Foreigner had flattened my home town (Shepherds Bush) I wouldn't want their cousin popping round to rebuild it for me.
Haven't you seen 'Auf Wiedersehen, Pet'?

One of my claims to fame was being physically ejected from one of the seediest bars on the Reeperbahn for refusing to cough up for an unwanted 'sticky green'. As I said at the time, "I'm only here for the beer" but that didn't prevent passers-by from regarding me with a mixture of pity and contempt. disgust


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The Reeperbahn's really more of a pub/nightclub these days - not that much different from Guildhall Walk or Union Street; it's really cleaned up its act.

Otherwise, Hamburg's a bit of a post-war concrete jungle - the area around the Rathaus is quite nice and the canals/ Alster lake, and they've done a nice job in the harbour district, but a combination of RAF Demolitions Ltd (est.1943) and 1960s architecture have rather ruined the city centre.
My first ever foreign run ashore was Hamburg. It was on the Hermes in 1974, where my class of OEM's/CEM's were embarked for sea training, it was a rig run and the Reeperbahn was a bit of an eye opener for a 16 year old who'd never been further than the Isle of Wight.

The second run ashore that trip was Malta and straight down the Gut, I signed on, for 9 initially, as soon as I was old enough, it was brilliant.

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