HMS Bulwark rescues more migrants in Middle East

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by babygravy, Jun 7, 2015.

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  2. Ageing_Gracefully

    Ageing_Gracefully War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Firstly, etiquette says you should not just post a link without comment, kind of shows you up as not being able to think for yourself.

    The link. My own feeling is Europe is under attack from these migrants. That may be a bit dramatic but nonetheless that is what is the case. There is a chance that the southern European could be totally swamped by these migrants and unable to cope. If the first half million get through will that stop the next - No! The main route at present is through Libya therefore I propose that Europe, not just one country, move into Libya, with or without the approval of the government, and sweep along the coastline getting rid of boats etc that these people are using. Quarantine fishing boats etc which are being used by local fishermen, but get rid of the craft that are already in sinking condition - all they have to do is float out 3 miles and their job is done.

    Clear out the people who are organising this, treat them as pirates and murderers, as that is what they are and cut off the organisation at the coast. Put a UN force in to patrol the coastline to stop this, and any boats that get through are returned to a port in Libya and unloaded there, not in Europe. All that the various Navies are doing at present is half the work of the criminals sending these boats out by picking up the boat-people and taking them to European land.

    Clear the boats from the coastline, stop the people getting any further than the Libyan coast and this will die out or at least get back to the smaller amounts of previous years, which will never stop.

    As I said, Europe is under attack and we need to deal with it. That solution should be on the Libyan coast, not the European one. Libya will not like it - tough, they shoukld have dealt with it at their own borders - although the main reason they won't like it is they will lose money!

    Just my thoughts and a bit of a rant, but a solution needs to be found asap.
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  3. It also begs the question, "where do these pennyless people", get the dosh to get across upteen countries and arrive in Libya, 'cos I bet the trafficers don't do it for nothing!
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  4. Is that a real question? "Where do people get money?"

    My own feeling is Europe is under attack from these migrants. That may be a bit dramatic but nonetheless that is what is the case.

    No it isn't. An attack is a deliberate attempt to damage or destroy. These people are not trying to reach Europe in the hopes of damaging or destroying it. If you feel that Europe may be damaged or destroyed, that's a point to be discussed, but casting it as an attack is inflammatory and incorrect.
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  5. Uncle_Albert, that's a fair point but it could be the aim of the people pushing the "migrants" through.

    What happened to the EU's request to the UN for a Resolution to allow legal operations in Libyan waters? That seems to have quietly dropped out of the picture.
  6. BULWARK picks up 1000 people. Let's assume a 50/50 split, so there are 500 fit(ish) young blokes sitting on one of our capital ships. If, say IF, they were inserted by an evil entity, just how hard would it be for that number to swamp any detaining force and seize the ship?

    Just wondering out loud..........
  7. Seaweed

    Seaweed War Hero Book Reviewer

    As a minimum the Italians should park those rescued on an island such as Lampedusa or Pantelleria with NO access to continental Europe. Then decant them back to Africa as soon as possible.
  8. They pay up to 1000$ and are on the way to a land of milk and honey.
  9. I bet the crabs are threaders thinking how they can get some PR from this one :)
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  10. Ageing_Gracefully

    Ageing_Gracefully War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    The crabs are probably quite happy as I can see the PR going down the route of RN are offering a free pick-up service outside the three mile limit.
  11. The crabs have supplied the clicky-beds for the migrants to sleep on.

  12. Just as Aus does with their influx of unwanted parasites for SE Asia, put them on an Island and send them works.
  13. Britain outcasts it criminals to Australia.

    Australia has lower crime rate than Britain.

  14. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    On a lighter note, I see Captain Nick Cooke-Priest is Commanding Officer of Bulwark:

    Back in the mid-80's, I'm guessing I must've served with his Dad, Colin Cooke-Priest, CO of HMS Boxer.

    One of my fond recollections of the time was the infamous gangway pipe: "Cook Priest, Main Galley". This was shortly followed by the even more amusing pipe from HQ1: "Quartermaster, Discipline Office".

    This of course, in the days before Chefs & armed gangway staff.
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  15. If the problem is parasites, by which you presumably mean people who are a drain on the economy without contributing anything back, we should really be looking at reducing the number of people in the UK who have children without being able to cover all the costs involved until they become productive; they're costing a fortune in education, housing and healthcare. There are a lot more children in the UK, draining the state's coffers, than there are would-be immigrants coming across the Med. Casting potential immigrants as bad because they would take more than they contribute is a risky argument, given the number of such people we generate ourselves in the UK.
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  16. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    To be fair the Tories are taking action against the idle and workshy, you can hear the screams from the do gooders that people can't be expected to live on £20.000 a year ( or whatever the current fig. is). The fact is that unemployment is being driven down, something that won't be helped if immigration continues at its present level. The same goes for the NHS, its now overloaded, because it is fast becoming a World Health Service with health tourists flocking in, come to the UK with AIDs and you can't be sent home because of the Human Rights Bill. In the mean time those that have paid into the system get pushed further down the queue because there is no money to treat them.
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  17. You are quite correct about the shiftless UK citizens who appear to be permanently tired but nevertheless able to breed in great numbers. Their numbers do need reducing but that is never going to happen while they have the cast iron excuse that the influx of foreign workers is ruining their chance of finding a job. If some of the migrants are only coming to get a grip on our generous welfare state and it is almost certain some are then the last thing we need is thousands more shirkers to join our home grown ones. There is no case for banning all immigration but neither is there one for free gangway.
  18. Without wanting to stoke the fires (too much), this talk of our own feckless citizens being a drain due to rampant reproduction is a little mis-guided. The fact is that, like Japan, we in the western nations are actually experiencing a population decline. In Scotland at least it is indeed the more fertile economic migrant from Eastern Europe that has boosted our population figures over the last decade with an average increase of ~2%. Without them, it would actually have dropped by a percentage point or two.

    Why should this be interesting? Well, with a decline in population then a decreased tax-take would mean less to put out in pensions and NHS care. Since fertile usually means working age, the increase means that the parents are usually in work and so contributing via tax and spending. How this pans out in the future is yet to be seen, as the pattern has been that the migration has been self-replacing where those in the vanguard are returning home, so the increase may slow and then reverse as only a few actually settle for the long term. Whether their children stay or return if the parents leave has yet to be seen.

  19. Nick CP was also a subby during the HMS Brilliant series too
  20. The problem is Dredd, the Welfare State was always a pyramid selling scheme on a grand scale and was a brilliant concept. It always relied, though, on a greater number of people paying into it than were drawing from it. For Pensions, it relied upon a positive birthrate and/or immigration of the youthful. Our reduced birthrate is a good thing as the Planet can't support an ever growing population and, before we all starved, there'd be bugger all left but humans.

    So, great, the influx of new bodies can start working and supporting the Welfare State; if only there was work for them. In short, we don't bloody need them, if only the head sheds would get their s**t in one sock. We shouldn't be increasing the population, we should be increasing productivity. Anyway, that's a whole new Thread.
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