HMS Brilliant documentary (1995)


I liked an oggie from the caravan on the Guzz side of the Torpoint ferry. As a Pompey rating I thought they were great. But that's probably sacrilige to you Cornishmen.


Firstly a general reply addressed to all members of this site. I may not POST much but that doesn't mean that I don't regularly follow the words of wisdom contributed by the other reprobates on here. I could make contributions on many topics but a). I'm a boring old sod and b). I start ranting and foaming at the mouth. Nurse says that following RR is not good for my blood pressure - I'm only just starting to calm down after the Brexit debate!

As to my personal preferences, well the less said about them the better! ;)

And there is nothing I like better than relaxing with a nice pint of scrumpy and an oggie. Though where I live these days it's bloody hard to find a decent oggie. I do not class that Ginsters crap as 'decent'.

And now to turn to Navy31. I can make you a copy of the series. There is no charge. As always I should stress that it isn't a top quality recording. It was recorded on video from the television for me while I was at sea. I later transferred it to DVD - and the original recording was made 26 years ago! But having made all my usual excuses, the recordings are perfectly watchable. PM me with your address and I'll make you a copy.


Thanks Guzzman - PM sent.
Hi Funky Junky

I know this is a bit of an old post but if you are still interested I have a copy of the series. It was originally recorded on to video and then transferred to a DVD. Let me know if you still want it. It was a good series but annoyed some senior officers so they did their best to bury it!

Have been told that Mickey Goble is now Habour Master at Sutton Pool, Plymouth. I wonder what happened to the rest of them?

Hard to believe that it was all filmed 20 years ago. I feel old!

A bit of a long shot, but would it be possible to get a copy of this series please? I've happily cover any of your costs? I've been searching on the internet and it doesn't seem to be available anywhere.





Firstly, I must apologise for not getting back to you before now but I've had an extremly busy week! I will gladly make you a copy if you want one. There is no charge. I should warn you that it won't be HD quality! It was copied directly to video for me when I was at sea. I later copied it to a DVD. And it's now over 25 years old so as you can imagine it is a bit grainy! But having said that it is still perfectly watchable.

If you p.m. me your name and address I'll get it recorded for you. There are six episodes and I will record 2 to each disk, so three disks. I should have it all done by the middle of next week.


Hi Pete,
No problem at all. Thank you very very much. indeed (Or should I say 'Brilliant'!) . I'm a bit of an addict for RN documentaries and this is one I've never been able to find.I 'll PM you my address now.

Thanks again.



Just a note to let everyone know that I will not be making any more copies of 'HMS Brilliant' for anyone. Sorry.

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