HMS Brilliant (1995) TV Series


Lantern Swinger
For all of you re-watching HMS Brilliant (1995) TV Series, here is the full episodes synopsis.

Episode 1 – A Little Bit Of England

Aired 26th July 1995 21:30 - A six part documentary series covering life on board the Royal Naval warship HMS Brilliant as it patrols the dangerous waters off the coast of Bosnia.

Episode 2 – Watchman Nine Zero

Aired 2 August 1995 21:30 - The crew are given the job of boarding and searching ships off the coast of former Yugoslavia, to seek out gun-runners. On board there are domestic dramas as Captain Rapp is struck down with an eye infection, and the Master at Arms has a mysterious case when a box of chocolate bars goes missing during a replenishment of stores at sea.

Episode 3 – Rocking The Boat

Aired 9 August 1995 21:30 - The controversial issue of Wrens at sea is tackled where both sides hold strong opinions. Lieutenant Commander Bob Hawkins is troubled by the idea while some of the women involved feel that they have been victims of bad press.

Episode 4 – Mickey Gets A Massage

Aired 16 August 1995 21:30 - The ship drops anchor in Istanbul, and the ratings transform the flight deck for the officers' cocktail reception. Diplomatic duties completed, all ranks head for an exotic run-ashore. While the Wrens make for the giant covered bazaar, Mickey Goble takes his body to the limit with a Turkish bath. On the last night, after an uproarious party at the British Consulate, there is a tense stand-off with a gang of gloating Turkish football fans.

Episode 5 – Gladys Takes The Rapp

Aired 23 August 1995 21:30 - HMS Brilliant is back at sea and caught up in a courtroom drama. After a riotous night ashore, mechanic Kevin "Gladys" Gladman stands accused of assaulting a superior officer and he faces a possible loss of rate and 28 days in detention. It's up to Captain James Rapp to act as judge and jury. "I'm denying it," says a defiant Gladman. "There's been no witnesses that said they saw me hit him." His crewmates aren't so confident, though, and there's a sweepstake below decks laying bets on his punishment. As Gladman waits to hear the verdict, HMS Brilliant sails ever closer home. For the rest of the ship it is their last board-and-search patrol in the Adriatic and spirits soar at the end of seven months gruelling work.

Episode 6 – Homeward Bounders

Aired 30 August 1995 21:30 - The last in the series about life aboard the Royal Naval warship HMS Brilliant. The crew is close to going home, but not before a change of command in Sardinia and a stop in Gibraltar where the traditional gruelling race to the top of the Rock takes place.